Cottage Community, Intentional Community or Cohousing Development Opportunity in Asheville, NC

Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last year or so… in case you hadn’t heard, I purchased the property adjacent to my house in Asheville, NC  (original post about this is here: A New Beginning). It is over 2 acres of FLAT land in the mountains. I was ready and primed after all of my time in the Aging in Community movement to find a developer and architect to make my community dreams come true! I like to call it my pocket neighborhood dream community, it is pedestrian centric with smaller houses around a green.

Change of Plans
Now many site plans and conversations later, I’m putting the property up for sale to a more knowledgeable group or person. The costs and time required to fully develop are beyond my means, scope and desires at this time.

I’ve decided to sell the property but still hope to find a developer in the community movement interested in developing an intentional community or cohousing development or pocket neighborhood – a collaboration of trust and mutual interest.

I am letting you know in case, just maybe, you have a connection. You know that 6-degrees of separation thing? Here is my asking of you. Do you know anyone who might be interested? Or are YOU interested? That might look like a group, professional, investor, architect, builder or dreamer like me.  I’d still love to live the dream of having a community in my backyard, but I’ve realized that a development project is beyond me.

Property Information
The property is in a prime location in North Asheville and is flat and beautiful few trees and great for solar, at the end of a quiet peaceful cul-de-sac, qualities we wish to retain.

You can read more details about the property here: or you prefer like our Facebook page –
Feel free to send this information to your contacts or contact me at
The Back Story
For those of you new to Women for Living in Community, here is the journey I’ve taken with this property:  A New Beginning: A dream becomes reality

5 Ways to Make Connections for 2016

I met a man who lives in Tennessee

He was headin’ for, Pennsylvania, and some homemade pumpkin pie

From Pennsylvania, folks are travelin’ down to Dixie’s sunny shore

From Atlantic to Pacific, gee, the traffic is terrific.

And…you know the rest.


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Women’s History Month: Patricia Goldman-Rakic


Have you ever heard the name Patricia Goldman-Rakic? Probably not, but her work as a neurobiologist has almost certainly touched your life in some way.

It was Goldman-Rakic’s work on memory centers of the brain that allowed scientists to finally break the code on Alzheimer’s disease and several other common brain conditions. Her story came to an abrupt end in 2003 when she was struck by a car and died at the age of 66, still in the peak of her career.

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Women’s History Month: The Suffragettes


I may have been a bit naïve when I decided to tackle this project during the month of March. I honestly believed that a simple Google search with a few keywords would get me to a wealth of information about women who were pioneers in building community. That was when I realized that what we, and multiple other trailblazers in community living, are doing is new and bold.

So I decided to take a step back.

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Pets in Community


Earlier this month I posted about the 5 biggies in community. On that list the number one topic is discussing pets in a shared home. What if you do decide that pets are welcome? We all know pets are a big commitment but sometimes we don’t really think about how they will affect the other people in the house. Here are some things to consider before living with someone’s furry friend.

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New York Times and Community Living

Photo credit Mike Belleme for The New York Times

Photo credit Mike Belleme for The New York Times

On July 11th, the New York Times ran this article featuring myself, my shared home, and the Women for Living in Community network.

“We weren’t intended to drive into the garage and turn on the TV,” said Ms. Kilkenny, who is divorced and has no children. Instead, she believes “aging in community” is a viable alternative to growing older alone or in a more traditional situation, like marriage.

It was a fantastic experience to open our home to the photographer and reporter and have an opportunity to share our story. I encourage you to read the entire article at the New York Times site.

What are your thoughts on community living as we age? Leave a comment or join the conversation on Facebook.


Your Quest for Home: Where Do I Start?

I am frequently asked about the best ways to start community. How do you find other people interested in living these types of situations?

your quest for homeThe good news is that my guidebook, Your Quest for Home, will soon be available. You can sign up for the mailing list to know when it will be available on the homepage.

In the book I share some important information about how to start your journey toward community living including how to meet others on a similar path. I tackle this information starting in chapter 8.

When I set out to intentionally find a community in which to live, I had no idea that I was also stepping into a profound opportunity to discover myself. I didn’t know that in order to find people to live with. . . people that I WANTED to live with. . . I would have to know myself.

The guidebook offers an exercise for you to begin learning about yourself, your desires for community living, and your ultimate goals.

I encourage you to click below to read more about how to find others and the guidebook.

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Happy Holidays from Women for Living in Community

“In and through community lies the salvation of the world” – Scott Peck from The Different Drum

Image by youngthousands via Flickr

Image by youngthousands via Flickr

Whatever you celebrate, we want to wish you a beautiful season and a happy New Year. This is always a great time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you might want to go. This holiday season, make community a part of your reflection. How do you see community building and living in your life next year?

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.Les Brown

Image by Phil Campbell via Flickr

Image by Phil Campbell via Flickr

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Women for Living in Community!

An Example for the Next Generation: What Boomer Women can Teach Millennials

photo credit: moodboardphotography via photopin cc

In the corporate world everyone is talking about the wave of Generation Y entering the workforce. Apparently, in the coming years these Millennials will overtake Boomers as the largest working population. There is a huge buzz surrounding the ways our generation and Gen X are supposed to learn to work with and manage Gen Y.

However, I think there may be some more important things that we can learn from each other.

At one time, Baby Boomers were in the very same position as Millennials. We entered the workforce en masse, especially women in our generation, and changed the way the corporate world works. Now that many of us are facing retirement we are looking at ways to change the way the aging population lives.

So what can Millennials learn from us? Plenty, as it turns out.

  • We can teach them about principles. The Millennials are a generation that relies on Google to be part of their collective memory. This is absolutely fantastic and using the tools available is important for both generations. However, Boomers can teach Gen Y a thing or two about principles. Millennials want straight answers and immediate feedback and they can learn from our generation about how to apply those to their jobs and ultimately their lives after employment.

I encourage you to click below to read more about how we can work together for the future.

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Happy Halloween from The Grand Nudge

Seems like this time of year, Halloween, brings out my best side—

Well some people don’t see it that way. (Ex-husbands, lovers, and past co-workers mainly… as you might imagine.)

The Grand Nudge

The nicest adjective was direct; to the point…some might call it a little evil or even witchy

See, Halloween is the one time of the year I don’t have to hide my alter ego. She can join the party loud and proud and very direct.

Meet The Grand Nudge:


So what is taking you soooooo long to get going?

You’ve been talking about this living in community thing for a LONG time, in some form or another.

“Someday…when I get older…”

Guess what? You can’t escape the inevitable. You’re getting older every day! It isn’t something that is going to happen SOMEDAY! It is happening right now!

Are you scared to keep reading! Click below to hear more of what I have to say…if you dare!

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