Your Quest for Home: Where Do I Start?

I am frequently asked about the best ways to start community. How do you find other people interested in living these types of situations?

your quest for homeThe good news is that my guidebook, Your Quest for Home, will soon be available. You can sign up for the mailing list to know when it will be available on the homepage.

In the book I share some important information about how to start your journey toward community living including how to meet others on a similar path. I tackle this information starting in chapter 8.

When I set out to intentionally find a community in which to live, I had no idea that I was also stepping into a profound opportunity to discover myself. I didn’t know that in order to find people to live with. . . people that I WANTED to live with. . . I would have to know myself.

The guidebook offers an exercise for you to begin learning about yourself, your desires for community living, and your ultimate goals.

I encourage you to click below to read more about how to find others and the guidebook.

The first step when it comes to finding others is to really get to know yourself. It is an important part of the process and one that, even though it can be intimidating and even terrifying, is essential to knowing what you want in community living. Skipping to the question of “how do I find others” is really getting ahead of the process. This journey should begin focused entirely on you.

Chapter 11 of Your Quest for Home dives into your motivations a little deeper.

If you can’t articulate WHY you want to live in community, then you might not be able to get there. Asking (and answering) WHY allows you to get in touch with your motivation and what you would like the outcomes to be. Very often, without a genuine, internal connection to WHY, we often give up.

I know what you’re thinking. The journey of self-discovery doesn’t answer the question you’re really asking: how do I find others who want to live in community? I would argue, of course, that these initial steps and all the others in the guidebook will help you get to this point. But chapter 15 answers this very question, WHO.

In this chapter, I encourage you to follow along with more exercises like the rest of the book. Ask yourself all of the important questions that can lead you to the right people or group of people. There are several exercises and worksheets that can help you determine not only who you want to share community with but also how to reach out to them.

Your Quest for Home will be available soon through We will announce it here on the blog and on Facebook as soon as it is available to order! Join the conversation on Facebook!


  1. Could you list some already functioning communities per each state? Their contact information?

  2. Deborah Carter says

    Yes, I would like to see some already functioning communities as well!

  3. Deborah Carter says

    I am 58 recently retired and have been married 30 yrs. the relationship should have ended 20 yrs ago. The last five years I have really wanted to get out but I am afraid, financially and not sure I want to be alone. I am pretty much alone now but there is some one in the house. I don’t have any family to speak of . I am a people person but where I live I don’t see many people and none that I am compatible with. I so need to change my life I think community living would the answer for me. I have been reading every thing I can find about it. Would like to be a Golden Girl lol. I am searching and hope I can find a community that would be right for me and I will be brave enough to make the move to have a life for the rest of it. I think it might be a longer one if I were around people I enjoyed and happy. So there I spoke my mind, it’ the first time I have put this into words. If anyone sees this that could give me some helpful info it would be welcome.

    • Marianne Kilkenny says

      You are not alone, for sure. There are many of us and the numbers are growing. Have courage, talk to your friends. Take a look at my guidebook. It has lots of exercises to have you look at if you are ready. What you want. That is why I wrote it. New avenues are opening up now. Hope you are subscribing to this site. The blogs are also intended to give you information.

  4. Yes. I’d like to see that too.

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