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(new!) August 10, 2018  – Parade Magazine, 

“As Boomers see how their parents and friends are ending up in nursing homes, they’re looking around and wondering what will happen to them. There aren’t many other models to choose from, so more of us are trying these kinds of different communities,” says Kilkenny, author of Your Quest for Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years.

Previously, she lived in a “Golden Girls” house in Asheville, with four unrelated housemates, all women over 45 who rented from her. Pooling resources enabled each to live in a better neighborhood than she could individually. Though they led separate lives, “it was comforting to know others were around,” Kilkenny says— for cooking together, borrowing ingredients, checking out one another’s dates and running to the ER when one herniated a disc. The co-livers once threw a neighborhood party, which revealed how much better they had it. “Nobody had done that before, nobody [but us] knew each other!” Read full article here

(new!) October 16, 2016 – USA Today,  “Elder orphans band together for support and advice” features Marianne Kilkenny as well as others who are addressing the ‘elder orphan’ life trend:

“While many may treasure their independence, the problem is that, sooner or later, most people need help with health care and household tasks — help that most often is provided by spouses or grown children, a”ccording to the caregiving report…..

Among her [Marianne] tips for house-sharing: Aim for separate bathrooms, set rules on “alone time,” and pick your housemates carefully. “People think this is going to work without any effort and that just is not the case,” she says. Read article here.

(new!) September 2016 – WNC Woman Magazine, Creating Family Through Community, a personal profile by WNC Woman Magazine, my Compelling Why for starting Women for Living in Community. Read article here.

March 2016WNC Woman Magazine, Improvisational Living Begins with Community, the March edition of WNC Woman focused on the theme “improvisational living.” What could be more improvisational then shared housing? Really, it’s what we do: “If we want to share our elder years with others, how do we define and create community for ourselves in a way that provides quality of life, dignity, and happiness?” Click here to read full article.

November 11, 2015The Globe and Mail – Marianne was interviewed and featured for “Meet the new Gold Girls (and guys): How boomers are coming up with creative living arrangements”, an article which is part of The Globe and Mail’s week long series on baby boomers, their decisions and how it is specifically impacting Canada. In this article, Marianne discusses her experiences in her own shared housing arrangement and the development of her new dream: creating a pocket neighborhood community just as she promotes. To read the full article, click here.

April 20, 2015US News & World Report: Money Edition – Marianne was interviewed for the feature article “How Baby Boomers are Creating Their Own Retirement Communities.” “These resident-created retirement solutions, or intentional communities, are taking different forms, from shared homes to cohousing communities to “pocket neighborhoods” of people who choose to live in the same area and watch out for each other, which includes cooking and doing errands together and taking care of people when they are sick. To read the full article, click here.

April 2015The Dallas Morning News story, “Seniors find silver lining in ‘Golden Girls’ lifestyle. Marianne is interviewed along with others in community living. “Do not go into this like a crazy teenager,” said Marianne Kilkenny, founder of Women for Living in Community, which advises people interested in shared living arrangements. “Where you start is, why would I do this?” To read the full article, click here.

July 2014 – New York Times featured article, Looking for a House Mate, Not a Mate, in Later Life, after visiting and interviewing Marianne Kilkenny.  The article discusses Marianne’s story, ““We weren’t intended to drive into the garage and turn on the TV,” said Ms. Kilkenny, who is divorced and has no children. Instead, she believes “aging in community” is a viable alternative to growing older alone or in a more traditional situation, like marriage.” To read the full article, click here

September 2013 – Interview by Lizzie O’Leary for Marketplace Money, “Shared Housing: A Look at Real-Life ‘Golden Girls’, Click here to read and listen

July 2013 – MSN Money quotes Marianne, “”It’s in a lovely part of town that I probably couldn’t afford to live in, nor could any of the rest of us. But when we pool our money together and pay our rent, we can live in a great place — which is a huge piece of the whole shared-housing story,”  in their story, “Seniors Share Homes to Make Ends Meet”.  Click here to read full article

May 2013 – AARP features Marianne as part of their story, “House Sharing for Boomer Women Who Would Rather Not Live Alone.”  Click here to read article

September 2012 – As part of the New York Times story, “Childless and Aging? Time to Designate a Caregiver”, Women for Living in Community is featured as an alternative, “As the founder of the group Women for Living in Community, she encourages the creation of networks that enable older people — mainly women, but also men, as her own example shows — to share housing.”  Click here to read the entire article.

August 2012 – Fox Business News covers Marianne’s story in relation to costly living in their story, How to Live Cheaply in Retirement with Roommates.  Click here to read article.

July 2011 – Reuters: Business & Financial News interviewed Marianne and featured this story: Golden Girls 2.0: Shared housing as a retirement strategy. Click here to read the article

November 2010 – ABC News featured a story, “The Reality of Roommates for Senior Women” interviewing several women living the roommate model, including Marianne Kilkenny’s story.  To Read the Article, click here.

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