We work with individuals, community groups and professionals to help them explore or develop their own alternative housing model.  We provide following consulting services:

Community Development and Consulting ServicesHandsConnectIcon copy

What We Do:

  • Work with groups, community leaders, and professionals  who are in the process of forming their own community models as it relates to healthy aging.
  • Provide information, insight and education about what it means to intentionally find or create a community for aging with grace and dignity.
  • Help groups and professionals define, create, develop and launch a community for living as we age.

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HandsHouseIcon copyCommunity Education Services

We guide or facilitate workshops and training sessions for groups and communities truly interested in designing, developing and creating their own alternative housing model. If you’re interested in incorporating an alternative housing model for living as we age, we urge you to contact us.  We have learned and gathered extensive information and feedback in this area as well as connected with individuals and professionals across the country that can assist in this important endeavor.

Workshops are based on the Guidebook, “Your Quest For Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years” Click here to submit request. or visit the Guidebook page to learn more.

Community Coaching Services

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Taking that new path can be a lot easier with someone who has already done it.  We work with you to help you assess, define and implement a community vision into reality.  Whether you are just beginning to think about starting your own community or are fully committed to developing a community, having a coach will help you get there.

Our coaching process (can be customized for groups) includes the following:

  • A preliminary conversation about you and what you want.
  • Identify roadblocks, determine your strengths and weaknesses and help you develop a plan of action.
  • Discuss and identify your ideal place and people as well as the facts and fiction that fuel your dreams. Define what drives you and how to get to the next steps.
  • In depth look at you as you prepare to change your life to make you a successful candidate for the next part of your life.
  • Taking what you have learned about yourself and expanding it to reach out to attract those whom you have identified as the perfect match to be in community with you. Actualize your plan through outreach and action towards your people and your place.
  • Help you be accountable and on track throughout the process

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Keynote Presentations, Workshops & Speaking

Marianne often presents at conferences, leads workshops and guides groups about the financial, safety and social benefits afforded by this innovative lifestyle.  Visit our Speaking page to learn more.

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