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Marianne leads facilitated workshops using her guidebook,  “Your Quest for Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years”. These workshops are small groups that meet each week and work through the series of exercises and discussions designed to help you define and identify your ideal community for your later years.

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Community Workshops & Training

Marianne guides or facilitates workshops and training sessions for groups and communities truly interested in designing, developing and creating their own alternative housing model. If you’re interested in incorporating an alternative housing model for living as we age, we urge you to contact us. We have learned and gathered extensive information and feedback in this area as well as connected with individuals and professionals across the country that can assist in this important endeavor.

Workshops are based on the Guidebook, “Your Quest For Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years” Click here to submit request. or visit the Guidebook page to learn more.

mkspeaksKeynote & Speaker/Conference Presentation

Marianne presents to Aging in Community professionals, conferences and to groups as a keynote speaker, conference speaker or panelist on the subject of Aging in Community and alternative housing models for living as we age.

She covers both the practical (financial, safety, social benefits) as well as the personal aspects of shared housing and other alternatives to living in community.  Each presentation can range from a keynote address of 15 to 30 minutes or form the basis of half-day or full-day workshops, depending on your group’s or conferences’s objectives.  Below are examples of presentations, all of which can be tailored;

Who Will the Leave Light on For You?Porch_Light

In this important presentation, Marianne shares her own story that led her to found Women for Living in Community. She discusses the steps she is taking to promote, create and build alternative housing communities across the country.  This presentation is followed by a question and discussion session.  Starting the conversation is the first step.  If you’re interested in joining or building a community in your area, then this is the first important conversation. (This presentation is available at no cost in the Asheville, NC area.) Click here to submit request.

The Nuts and Bolts of Living in Community: The 3 Must-Haves to be Successful

Marianne lays out the 3 P’s for Living in Community; the People, the Place and the Personal Skills. It takes all three to flourish while living in community. She helps audience members uncover the characteristics of the right people for them to live with, the perfect place that meets their specific needs and both the skills they have and the skills they need to make it work. Click here to submit request.

Alternatives to the Nursing Home: Design How YOU Want to Live Your Later Years

Most everyone has a fear of ending up in a nursing home. Despite what one might think, that is not the only alternative. In this presentation, Marianne describes the many housing options that are available. But she takes it one step further. She reminds us that we must take action now to choose how we want to spend our later years. Click here to submit request.

Do It Already and Other Tips to Get You Started from the Grand Nudge

Grand Nudge Txt 2In this fun and interactive presentation, Marianne’s alter ego, the Grand Nudge guides participants to take action now. With her sarcastic wit, her first-hand experience and her metaphorical elbow that she is not afraid to use, the Grand Nudge will get you moving. First, participants begin to feel uncomfortable as they are reminded it is their responsibility to create how the rest of their life will look. But things end on a real high note when the Grand Nudge delivers the 3 steps that anyone can take to create community. People leave this program with a plan and a belief that they can do it. Click here to submit request.

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