Introducing The Grand Nudge

First of all, what is a nudge? In it’s active state, it acts as a prod, a way of gently pushing or nudging someone (usually with an elbow) to draw attention to something. As an object, it is a person or thing that is the push or prod.

The Grand Nudge is Marianne’s alter-ego, a combination of her corporate straight-forwardness that pushes and prods one to action but with a personality that is outlandish and funny.

In her former corporate life, Marianne’s bluntness and decision making skills helped her to be a success in achieving company objectives. Today, Marianne uses those skills as the Grand Nudge to help other women achieve their community. However, unlike her corporate role, Marianne tends to be shy but as the Grand Nudge,  has the freedom to express her funny and outlandish personality.  Her caricature depicts The Grand Nudge wearing a boa.. a bossy diva with a fun streak.

What does she do?

The Grand Nudge acts as the rather direct, demanding and sort of pushy friend or acquaintance who gets you going.  You would like to ignore her but you know she is right and only there to help you. In this way, you don’t mind her because she helps you get the job done and this case, that means finding your community.

The Grand Nudge
The Grand Nudge

The Grand Nudge also appears at workshops and conferences, often adding humor delivered with a little bit of pushiness. Afterall, we all need to laugh at ourselves even when life is serious.

The Grand Nudge plays an important role in the guidebook, “Your Quest for Home” where she offers tips and nudges you along the way as you find your ideal community. You see her throughout the pages, giving insight and directness.  

The Grand Nudge is there to help you. Plain and simple. Watch out because you never know where she will appear!
Women For Living in Community