Igniting Visions & Beginnings 2022

Thank you to those who responded to our poll about ways to communicate with you and reach out to you. We also asked for possible topics you are interested in. Thank YOU!

There was good information from the 26 of you that responded. I will attempt to address some of them in two separate blog posts with some resources for you to check out. And also, what WE intend to do. 

Not too surprising that there is some distrust of Facebook out there. That is really too bad as I have participated in some really great classes that were using a Facebook platform to run a class in a private Facebook Group. We might be doing that in the future, as there are not many other platforms.
Did you know, you can join a Facebook Group without “being on” Facebook or posting anything. All you need is a simple profile. Based on the interest from the poll I intend to create a private Facebook group for action takers. That is where Facebook Live recordings like I have been doing will be hosted in the future.

Some of you want specifics about your local community. For example, how to develop and connect with others there. May I suggest what I would do? Google away on as many of the topics and locations that want specifics too. I guarantee you will get ideas. 

In my experience, most of us don’t really KNOW what we are asking others to participate in with us. You can reach out, but what are you asking them to do? Maybe you know exactly. Can you articulate it quickly and simply? I think of it as my community “elevator speech”.

That is why I am planning on doing a few workshops, classes and other opportunities for you to touch on some of these areas this year. 

1. Interested in finding others that include ideas around the People part of your community: Get your free guide and get started here!

2. Workshops:

  • Solo Agers workshop with one of  my colleagues in the field
  • An offering on my Guidebook on zoom for a nominal cost every quarter. If you already have the book, dust it off and join me. 

If you are REALLY interested in any of the offerings we plan on having, sign up here and you’ll be the first to know when the time comes. 

3. Another offering is still in the works around forming a community as part of our mini-course. 

Finding the right housemates

Some of you asked about finding the right housemates. So much of that really depends on you. To help you with the topic there are 2 resources I consistently refer others to from my trusted colleagues. 

  1. My House Our House – Available on Amazon

2. Sharing Housing website and resources https://sharinghousing.com/ Founder of Sharinghousing.com, Annamarie Pluhar covers things like the financial agreement between housemates; how to set boundaries, other practical points of shared living and so much more. She has a great newsletter with juicy connected articles if you subscribe.  

Some of you may own my Guidebook. Have you cracked it open? Is it sitting on the shelf? What are you waiting for? Many of the things you inquired about are covered in that book. That is why I did it. I found that many of us have hazy ideas of what we want and how to get it or there are issues standing in our way.

Let’s clear those out. Together. 

Read my blog about the last class I offered and the results that were created by the women.

If you missed the Facebook Lives or just don’t want to deal with Facebook, the videos are chronicled on my YouTube Channel.

Skills towards community forming are offered now online by the Foundation of Intentional Communities that are reasonably priced   https://www.ic.org/courses/#list-view.

Meetups, lectures and seminars, and just hanging out with others who have similar inklings for support and challenge are great building blocks for your Quest. There are now so many virtual possibilities in the age of Covid. Many more possibilities in store for you. 

Again, if you’re REALLY interested in any of the offerings we plan on having, sign up here and you’ll be the first to know when the time comes. 

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