Flexibility and Red Flags: Trust Your Intuition

“They are not rigid and set in their ways. While they know what they want and think positively about getting what they desire, they remain flexible to what the circumstances require of them. “


In my book, Your Quest for Home, I discuss the characteristics of a successful leader (quote from page 120). Flexibility is one of those characteristics. I believe that it is a key to success and a part of my consulting as the Grand Nudge and trailblazer on Aging in Community

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How Do You Know if Aging in Community is Right for You?

Creating community isn’t just about finding people and moving into a house or a neighborhood. This is an important relationship that will influence everything in your future so you need to make sure that you’re right for it as well.

Book Launch

We know you’re here at Women for Living in Community because you are interested in alternatives to our culture’s traditional views of housing as we age. But community is not a magic bullet and it isn’t going to be right for everyone. So, how do you know if this is truly right for you?

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Digital Book Launch: Your Quest for Home


I am pleased to announce you can now read Your Quest for Home on Kindle, iBook, and Nook readers.

The guidebook is meant to be used as a series of exercises to help you better understand what it is you want in community and how to take the steps to make it happen. Offering the book in both digital and paperback formats widens the potential audience and makes it more accessible to more people.

Are you in the Western North Carolina area, business owner and/or organizer of a group dedicated to better living as we age? Schedule your book signing:

Inviting me to discuss Your Quest for Home, the activities, and talk about living in community is a perfect opportunity to engage your target audience. I can present on the subject, teach your group how to work with the Guidebook, and help you start on your own quest to find the community you want to live in. For more description, click here or submit your request now.

Engagements outside of WNC are considered as well but may require additional travel fees.

You see, I believe that finding a community is not only about the building or the methods but also about each of us as individuals. Your Quest for Home is a journey of self-discovery. It can help get you started and stop making excuses.

The book is written in an approachable way and provides a literal guidebook with exercises you can follow along with either in a group or on your own. For example, in chapters 8 and 9 we discuss the fairy tale villains that can stop your quest in its tracks.

You can buy Your Quest for Home in a number of different formats:Kindle, Nook, or iBook and it can be viewed on any tablet or eReader.

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If you are interested in having me speak, contact me through my website or Facebook page.

What are People Saying About “Your Quest for Home?”

Book LaunchI am very proud of my book, which should go without saying. But the author’s own endorsement isn’t generally what convinces new customers to buy a guidebook like mine. I thought it might be a good idea to share some of the things readers were saying on Amazon.

In case you don’t already know, Your Quest for Home is a guidebook designed to help you determine your needs for community living and set you up with the tools to make it happen in your own life. It is intended to make you think not only about the kind of community you want but what makes you a good community member as well.

Here are some of the things people are saying about Your Quest for Home.

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Your Quest for Home: Battling Your Dragons


I am currently a part of a group going through my own guidebook. Yes, that’s right: me. I believe in the process and I have to do these things to. I don’t just talk the talk.

Eventually the group reached Chapter 8: Self Discovery.

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The Grand Nudge: How to Know You Can Live With Someone

Grand Nudge Txt 2Ahem!

Okay boys and girls. Today we have a pretty serious lesson for you. People always ask me how to get started and for the most part the first thing to do is actually get started! I’m here to tell you that there are no magic words and no one will do it for you so hop to it!

But even I understand there are a lot more complex questions around the issue of building community. One of the top questions is “How do I know if these are the right roommates for me.”

Well, I’ve got some tricks for you.

Here are a few sure fire ways to really get to know someone.

  1. Look in their refrigerator.
  2. Look in their medicine cabinet. (Oh come on – we all do it anyway!)
  3. Go shopping with them.
  4. Go on a road trip with them.

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Women For Living In Community: Mother’s Day


“To my mom, Betty Jane Martin, who was a woman before her time. She was my hero and she continues inspiring me to find new ways to help others to age with grace and dignity.”

This is from the dedication page in my new book, Your Quest for Home. I wrote my book to honor my mother, Betty Jane Martin, and her memory and legacy.

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Your Quest for Home is Truly Your Quest of Self-Discovery

Paper chain neighborhood and communityHave you picked up your copy of Your Quest for Home yet? If not, I wanted to share a little more insight to draw you in.

Your quest, the one that will lead to you better understand how you want to live in community, is really more about you than anything else. This comes as a surprise to many people. It is important that I stress how much this journey is about you as an individual. If you don’t know your motivations or your reasons for wanting to live this way, something will always feel off.

Humans are complicated animals. So often we find ourselves projecting our own insecurities on the people around us rather than addressing them directly. I’m not saying there aren’t toxic people that can enter our lives, but I am saying the only thing we have control over is our own response.

My guidebook is designed for you, as an individual, to assess the reasons you want to live in community. It is for you to take a deeper look at yourself and learn what kind of person you want to be as you age. This book requires active participation on your part, just like living in community will.

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Overcoming Objections: Stop Talking About Your Excuses and Start Making a Change

The Grand Nudge

The Grand Nudge

One of the things I hear most from people curious about living in community is the phrase, “Oh, I could never do that…” This is usually followed by a laundry list of “reasons” why changing their lives could never work out. Usually these objections don’t reflect flaws in the community living model but rather insecurities from people not sure where to start or afraid to take the first step.

I am here to tell you: it isn’t going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it! 

My new guidebook, Your Quest for Home, provides a number of different exercises that you can do to address the burning questions that might be keeping you from making this major change in your life. Here is an excerpt to get you started.

I encourage you to click below to read more from Your Quest for Home.

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Your Quest for Home: Where Do I Start?

I am frequently asked about the best ways to start community. How do you find other people interested in living these types of situations?

your quest for homeThe good news is that my guidebook, Your Quest for Home, will soon be available. You can sign up for the mailing list to know when it will be available on the homepage.

In the book I share some important information about how to start your journey toward community living including how to meet others on a similar path. I tackle this information starting in chapter 8.

When I set out to intentionally find a community in which to live, I had no idea that I was also stepping into a profound opportunity to discover myself. I didn’t know that in order to find people to live with. . . people that I WANTED to live with. . . I would have to know myself.

The guidebook offers an exercise for you to begin learning about yourself, your desires for community living, and your ultimate goals.

I encourage you to click below to read more about how to find others and the guidebook.

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