Your Quest for Home: Battling Your Dragons


I am currently a part of a group going through my own guidebook. Yes, that’s right: me. I believe in the process and I have to do these things to. I don’t just talk the talk.

Eventually the group reached Chapter 8: Self Discovery.

See, finding community isn’t just about meeting some like-minded people and renting a large house. (Or insert your idea of a perfect community here.) It is a reflection on who you are as a person and you have to know yourself before you can know what you want. So we reached Chapter 8 and suddenly there were groans around the room. So many pages, so little time. “What would I answer? What is this even for?”

Grand Nudge DragonBut the self-discovery aspect of Your Quest for Home is an integral part of the journey. Just like any fairy tale the hero has to battle the villain but all of those are just archetypes and symbols. The same is true in our lives.

To be honest, I thought this would be the easy part. I mean, I know myself pretty well and I wrote the book for goodness sake! But of course, self-discovery is never easy no matter how many times you experience it. And once you know who you are you need to know what aspects to battle.

That brought us to Chapter 9: The Dragons and Ogres.

  • The Big Bad Wolf of Self Doubt
  • The Troll of Procrastination
  • The Fire-Breathing Dragon of Distraction
  • The Poison Apple of Perfectionism
  • The Evil Queen of Fear

You can probably already see where some of these challenges are a part of your narrative. In my book, Your Quest for Home, I offer suggestions for ways to banish these creatures from your story and help you get past these obstacles to continue your journey.

So, which one of these Big Baddies are your “favorites”? Which do you continue to lean on time after time that prevents you from taking the next steps? How well do you know yourself and where does that fit in with your quest for community?

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And don’t forget to follow along in my guidebook, Your Quest for Home.

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