Celebrate Active Aging Week in Your Community

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September 21st to 27th is Active Aging Week. This event, led by the International Council of Active Aging (ICCA) is designed to spread the word about the different ways in which people age and how to stay more engage and healthy throughout your golden years. Adults age 50 and older are encouraged to participate in local activities with each day focusing on a different subject.

If your community doesn’t have activities planned for Active Aging Week get together with some of your friends to participate on your own and work toward building a bigger event for next year.

Organizations throughout North America are encouraged to hold free or low cost Active Aging Week events open to the public. Events are intended to be educational and fun. Likely locations for events already scheduled in your community are parks, malls, YMCAs, and Jewish Community Centers. You may also find events happening at health clubs, senior centers, and assisted living communities. Some activities may include group walks, health fairs, dances, exercise classes, concerts, and anything local organizers are able to present. Programming is encouraged to be flexible and accessible for anyone who wants to participate.

The ICCA has provided suggested programming for specialty days during Active Aging Week. These include:

  • Sunday, September 21st: Foot Health. Without healthy feet many average daily tasks can be difficult or cause excruciating pain. Learn how to keep your feet healthy as you stay active.
  • Monday, September 22nd: Walking. Walking is one of the best and easiest ways to stay active as you age. Get a group of friends together for a walk around a local park.
  • Tuesday, September 23rd: Falls Prevention. Falls can be devastating for older adults. This is one of the reasons that community living can provide safety and assistance to individuals as they age.
  • Wednesday, September 24th: Bone Health. Many adults, especially women, will feel the effects of osteoporosis as they age. Learn how to prevent it or manage it in your life.
  • Thursday, September 25th: Intergenerational Day. Stay Tuned for next week’s blog post about how Women for Living in Community has a few things to teach the younger generations.
  • Friday, September 26th: Walking/Group Classes. The ICCA has established events in cities throughout the country for individuals to get together and walk or take other fitness classes. Join one in your community.
  • Saturday, September 27th: Celebration. The last day of Active Aging Week is a time to let loose and celebrate. For people interested in developing communities for active aging local mixers or celebrations may be a great way to meet like-minded people. If there isn’t one in your area then throw a party!

Do you think you might participate in Active Aging Week? If so, how? We’d love to hear your stories. Share them in the comments or join the conversation on Facebook!

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Photo from a past Women for Living in Community MeetUp event.

Women Leading the Way for Community Living


When I started Women for Living in Community I didn’t choose that name because I only expected women to be interested. I wasn’t picturing a village of Amazons armed with spears to keep the men out. I also wasn’t thinking it would be an idealized community of feminist baby boomers. My real motivation is that I truly believe women would take up this mantle of change and lead the rest of the country into a new aging paradigm.

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Positive Aging Conference in Sarasota Florida

Positive Aging PAC14-04I was honored to be asked to speak at the Positive Aging Conference for the third time in its 7 year run so far. I love the very concept behind the event: the new wrinkle, if you will, that aging is a positive thing.

345 people were in attendance at the 3 day event in February. It was an amazing turnout. There were quite a few equally amazing discussions and workshops offered. A few titles that show the breadth of the presentations:

  • Lifelong Learning on Positive Aging
  • How to Use Technology for a Positive Aging Experience
  • Purpose and Fulfillment in Mid and Later Life
  • Gray is Green: Positive Presence of Earth Elders
  • Give it Forward: An Innovative Approach to Legacy
  • Sex, Sleep and Sanity: Three Wellness Essentials

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Business Innovation Factory Connected Aging Participatory Design Studio

In early November I was invited to Providence, Rhode Island to participate in a discussion with 15 others about leaving outdated concepts of aging behind.  The day long “think tank” discussion was  part of  the Connected Aging project, funded by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation with the  Business Innovation Factory.  BIF  will be completing the project with a video featuring some of us and parts of our stories as part of the project.

Photo by MeSome of the questions posed in November included:

What if we created experiences that focus on the continued pursuit of connection and purpose rather than the increasing need for monitoring and care?


What if we broadened the pool of possibilities for accomplishment and contribution?

What structures would support connection?

Throughout the workshop I got to know the others involved in the discussion. They included representatives from Artists and Scientists as Partners, the Time Goes By Blogger, and a Director of Elder Affairs to name of few of those assembled for the day. I felt honored to be in such great company.

The reoccurring question that we asked ourselves was:

How do I want to live my life?

I encourage you click below to learn more.

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Seventh Annual Conference on Positive Aging

Positive aging 2014February 9th – 12th, 2014   ~   Sarasota, Florida

Over 400 conference-goers from around the world made their way to Sarasota, Florida for the Seventh Annual International Conference on Positive Aging.

The Conference was a highly interactive gathering of professionals from established and emerging businesses, academic research, government policy makers, and social service providers who participated in two and half days of dialogue and networking with their local, national, and international peers.  There were many options for participation for both professionals and local interested residents, including attendance at the keynote dinner with Ina Jaffe, National Public Radio National Correspondent covering all aspects of aging for NPR.”  ~  Institute of the Ages

Women Starting Over After 50 – 10/2013

IN Chapel Hill  Wed, Oct 16, 2013

Women Starting Over After 50 to Present Workshop – Tools For Women: Achieving a Prosperous Life After 50

Women Starting Over After 50 is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women during the second half of life. WSO50 has assembled a panel of experts to provide vital information, answer your questions, and empower you to “Achieve A Prosperous Life After 50.” Panelists include:
Lisa M. Gabriel, CFP, ChFC is Sr. Vice-President of Axius Financial. Lisa helps you navigate financially through life and prepare for and take control during life’s inevitable transitions.
Christina G. Hinkle, Board Certified Specialist in Estate Planning & Probate Law, Tillman, Hinkle & Whichard, PLLC. Christina’s practice focuses on wills and trusts, estate and gift tax planning.
Marianne Kilkenny, founder of Women Living in Community, is an expert on the financial, safety and social benefits of the shared home model. Marianne has been interviewed by NBC Nightly News, the CBS Early Show, ABC News and AARP. 
Madelyn Ashley, RN, MSN, is the owner of Senior Transitions of North Carolina. Since 1990, Madelyn has been assisting Seniors to live as independently as possible in a safe environment.
Patty Bergy is the Area Representative for Always Best Care. Patty facilitates a broad spectrum of care giving ranging from in-home companion care to end-of-life services.
Lesley Gray is the owner of Another Daughter. Lesley provides caregivers and adult children the help they need to find, coordinate and monitor non-medical services for the Seniors they love.
Dee Whitaker is the Publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine, and is a Certified Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. Dee is passionate in her mission to help others heal–in body, mind and spirit.
Seating is limited, so call a friend now and plan to attend Wednesday, October 16 from6:30 to 9:00pm. Event to be held at: A Southern Season, 201 S. Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, located in University Mall. $25 to the public and $15 for WSO50 members. Register online at http://www.wso50.com using PayPal or mail your check to WSO50, Attn: Donna Nelson, 66 Hardin Circle, Ste 12B, Chapel Hill NC 2516.
For information, call 919-918-3916 or email giraffe3productions@yahoo.com.

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The Shared Housing Option

The Shared Housing Option with Marianne Kilkenny and Linda Williams

The ’80s TV sitcom The Golden Girls offered viewers witty dialogue and laugh tracks, but it popularized a concept of housing — shared housing or the collaborative home — whose time may have just arrived. Kilkenny  and Williams  are colleagues, friends, and housemates in Asheville who share a missionary passion for promoting community and alternative housing choices through their speaking engagements and workshops. Their combined experiences, stories, and exercises will foster questions, insights, and aha’s.

Kilkenny founded Women for Living in Community and has been interviewed about the financial, safety, and social benefits of the shared home model on NBC Nightly News, CBS Early Show, ABC News, and NPR. Williams is Communications Director of the Living in Community Network in Sarasota, FL.

This public programs will be held at the Central Orange Senior Center in Hillsborough, NCthe programs begin at 6:30 PM.

All presentations will include facilitated discussions that will spark new ideas and allow those with similar interests to connect.

The Central Orange Center is located at 103 Meadowlands DriveHillsborough, NC (919) 245-2015.

INFORMATION ON THE ABOVE EVENT: http://www.secondjourney.org/FallSeries.htm

Exploring Community and Interdependence – 9/2013


Women Wanting to Live in Community – 3/2010

Women Wanting to Live in Community- Sarasota, Florida-( 3/2010)

One day conference offered as a kick-off day to inspire movement into Sarasota to start the dreaming process about alternative housing for women. Over 72 women attended the event held on a Saturday in March, 2010 held at Unity.

Initial Groundbreaking Conference – 2007

Initial Ground Breaking Conference


WOMEN for LIVING ICOMMUNITY is able to provide conference planning in other regions of the country, as well as regional meetings designed to create connections and build local communities.

Our initial ground-breaking conference attracted over 90 women, from the United States and Canada, who listened to our conference speakers….

♥     Diana Leafe ChristianAuthor; and Editor, Communities Magazine

♥      Maureen K. McCarthyCreator of the State of Grace Document

♥      Joan Medlicott, Author of the Ladies of Covington novels

♥      Dene PetersonFounder/Developer for ElderSpirit Community

♥      Joy SilverPresident/CEO RainbowVision Properties

….. and then created their own conversation utilizing Open Space Technology – a powerful tool which recognizes the experience and wisdom of each individual present.

Held in Asheville, North Carolina, the conference was an enormous success evidenced by the continuing conversations amongst those who attended and the actions that many have already taken to make changes in their lives and create their desired future.

Attendees gather to learn and share.

Attendees gather to learn and share.

From Conference participants

“We came home psyched from the WLIC conference.  We have been telling everyone about how well thought through, organized and hospitable your event was.  The spirit of collaboration and connective-ness was always there from top to bottom! And you inspired us to meet you in kind…. Congratulations on a Wonderfully Inspiring Conference!! ”

Women For Living in Community