Positive Aging Conference in Sarasota Florida

Positive Aging PAC14-04I was honored to be asked to speak at the Positive Aging Conference for the third time in its 7 year run so far. I love the very concept behind the event: the new wrinkle, if you will, that aging is a positive thing.

345 people were in attendance at the 3 day event in February. It was an amazing turnout. There were quite a few equally amazing discussions and workshops offered. A few titles that show the breadth of the presentations:

  • Lifelong Learning on Positive Aging
  • How to Use Technology for a Positive Aging Experience
  • Purpose and Fulfillment in Mid and Later Life
  • Gray is Green: Positive Presence of Earth Elders
  • Give it Forward: An Innovative Approach to Legacy
  • Sex, Sleep and Sanity: Three Wellness Essentials

I applaud the innovative thinking behind the conference structure. Not only was there the regular fare of keynote speakers, workshops, and panels, but there were graphic facilitation, off-site workshops, and a World Café. Local talent from the Ringling School of Design captured the essence of the event with graphic recording. It was very powerful stuff indeed.

Of course, the event was also covered by local media. You can see the results here, here, and here!


PAC pic L and M2014-02-11 17.53.35It was such a pleasure speaking at the event about my own passion. The audience was gracious and interested in creating a new paradigm. My message of building community to change the way we age in society was perfectly suited to the event. I can only hope that attendees got as much out of the event as I got by presenting.

The Institute for the Ages, the organization behind the Positive Aging Conference, is doing good work for our communities. This conference is just one of the many ways our generation can have our voices heard. We can create a reality and a future that is collaborative, innovative, and positive; but only if we work together. The Positive Aging Conference will return to Sarasota in February 2015. Put it on your calendars now and be part of this movement to reshape aging in America.

Do you want to know more about the Positive Aging Conference, the Institute for the Ages, and my role in the event? Contact me through my website or join the conversation over at Facebook.

MKTalk Sarasota 2014


  1. Marianne<
    I would like to take the communal living just a step further. This is of course not for everyone but another concept I find appealing.
    If there were a way to also incorporate "traveling" shared housing. This is similar to timeshare but only loosely. You would be able to trade your space at your community for mutliple lengths of time with others to further enable some to be able to travel to other areas, perhaps with the thought of a permanent move or just ot visit. But you could always maintain your permanent spot at the "home " base, so to speak. Does this interest you at all or is it too complicated? Many people would like to travel and to have a safe place with like minded would be an asset.
    Thanks for letting me share
    Coni Lucas

    • Marianne Kilkenny says

      Yes, many of us think about that as a great option. It takes the right people, and probably some funds and then there is the locations that are right and you agree on with the time of year and climate that you want. I have a friend, and colleague who does it on a small scale and is envied by many. She spends summers and early fall in Asheville and the rest of the year in sunny Sarasota, FL. She works it.
      There are many who do this through RV’s communities and rent in both places.
      Take a look at this article. http://newoldage.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/29/at-the-end-of-the-road/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0.
      Important things to know: Why you doing this? The internal work is key.


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