Women Leading the Way for Community Living


When I started Women for Living in Community I didn’t choose that name because I only expected women to be interested. I wasn’t picturing a village of Amazons armed with spears to keep the men out. I also wasn’t thinking it would be an idealized community of feminist baby boomers. My real motivation is that I truly believe women would take up this mantle of change and lead the rest of the country into a new aging paradigm.

As it turns out, I was mostly right. There are some amazing men who are leaders in the community living conversations. One such man is Dr. Bill Thomas who runs ChangingAging.org and is mentioned as one of “My Favorite People” blog, and began the Green House Project as an alternative for traditional nursing homes. Another is Louis Tenenbaum who is one of the country’s leading experts on aging in place.

In a post he wrote back in February of this year, Louis echoed my thoughts on women leading the movement toward community living. He shares how he hears the stories of parents in nursing homes or assisted living and the storytellers emphasize they don’t want to live that way. He also shares that some daydream about the possible alternatives.

The good news is people are taking the power to make these daydreams reality. Intentionality and sharing are the guide-words of these thoughtful explorations. I recently had the pleasure of a full day brainstorm on alternate living arrangements. It is no real surprise the leaders of this progressive, intentional movement are women.

I met Louis at the Positive Aging Conference in Florida earlier this year. He, like me, understands that women will be leading our generation of elders into a new way of living our golden years. We also understand that we will be setting the example for GenX and GenY to be able to experience something different as they age.

While women seem to be at the front lines of this movement we know we can create a new way of thinking for women and men. This isn’t in the distant future. For us, this is right now and it is important that everyone interested become involved.

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  1. Aloha My womens community heer are putting ideas together for sharing housing. WOW stands for wise old women have been meeting for over 15 years. I personally have a house to share with 2 womens in Hawaii Big Island. I am off-grid. solar power. Very affordable. $400 to $500 a month. Good to see time has come. Its been my dream and goal for 34 years I’ve been here. Call me 808 920-9139. be happy to talk story with any curious women.

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