Your Quest for Home is Truly Your Quest of Self-Discovery

Paper chain neighborhood and communityHave you picked up your copy of Your Quest for Home yet? If not, I wanted to share a little more insight to draw you in.

Your quest, the one that will lead to you better understand how you want to live in community, is really more about you than anything else. This comes as a surprise to many people. It is important that I stress how much this journey is about you as an individual. If you don’t know your motivations or your reasons for wanting to live this way, something will always feel off.

Humans are complicated animals. So often we find ourselves projecting our own insecurities on the people around us rather than addressing them directly. I’m not saying there aren’t toxic people that can enter our lives, but I am saying the only thing we have control over is our own response.

My guidebook is designed for you, as an individual, to assess the reasons you want to live in community. It is for you to take a deeper look at yourself and learn what kind of person you want to be as you age. This book requires active participation on your part, just like living in community will.

Here is just a sample of some of what you can expect in the pages of Your Quest for Home:

When I set out to intentionally find a Community in which to live, I had no idea I was also stepping into a profound opportunity to discover myself. I didn’t know that in order to find people to live with – people I really WANTED to live with – I would have to know myself.

In truth, I thought I knew myself. I could have told anyone what I liked, what I didn’t like, what my interests were, my fears, my joys. However, I discovered that some of those things I thought I knew about myself were now up for debate. Things were changing as I was getting older, deepening even.

So let me spell this out. If you want to live in Community, you will be discovering yourself, “the good, the bad and the ugly” as the saying goes.

On the following pages are a few questions/exercises to get you thinking about who you are and what you want.

Trust me, I’ve done all of these exercises as well. I mean, I wrote them so I needed to know they work. I wouldn’t ask you to do anything I wasn’t willing to myself.

Do you want to know what these exercises are? Get your copy of Your Quest for Home today and start working toward your dream of living in community.

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