A New Beginning: A Dream Becomes Reality

My Vision of Community

This is Part 2 of My Journey. In Part 1 of My Journey, I wrote about my recent move to a mini-pocket neighborhood – essentially developing a group of shared homes.  (PS. Sometimes we leave out the most obvious details – as if you can read my mind… I still live in Asheville, NC) I also wrote that it signaled not only an important change in my life but also for Women for Living in Community. To read Part 1, click here.

My Journey: A New Chapter for WLIC (June 5th)

For the past few years I have focused much of my attention on the education and awareness of issues surrounding living in community and aging.  I have worked hard to build and promote Women for Living in Community as a resource to families and individuals (men and women) who are seeking alternatives to aging in community for themselves and their families.

I am now beginning a new chapter, a chapter focused on the building and development of a community model for aging in community.  A community not focused on the physical structure with amenities (like nursing homes and retirement homes) but creating a community designation that can be adaptable to where you live, whether you live in a single family home, mobile home community or a NORC (naturally occurring retirement community), live in shared housing or any combination of newly emerging models like the tiny-house community.

The fundamental problem with the way we view aging today is the focus upon the physical needs which tend to place focus on the physical models of living such as retirement communities. These are designed and built solely for the purpose of aging adults and their healthcare but not built for their welfare. These models fail to place focus on the “living aging” and it is this kind of thinking that scares most of us.  We wish to change that focus and in doing so, change lives and how we “age” in community as an active, living, vibrant part of life.

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Group Visioning About Community

In the next chapter of my life, I hope to make connections and partnerships with people, professionals and groups that want to join me as we develop this new community model designation that focuses on the welfare of individuals,  families and the surrounding area.  This is a model that can be implemented right where people live now, not forcing them to move to some “center”.  There will be much more on this.  This is a dream that because of Women for Living in Community network, supporters, and people like you, can now be realized.  Look out for Bettyz Playz.


  1. Lindsay Wagner says

    I applaud your verve for creating community focused on the welfare of individuals, and I am actively involved in the journey here in San Diego. One difference is that I am looking to generate an intentional community that does, indeed, move to a common house–where chores, laughter, cooking, resting, creating, trailing and the glories of life and living are shared. Individuality and alone-time will also be cherished and respected. And yes, I believe this can be realized anywhere! Thank you for being one of the many pioneers and for keeping us tuned in to the multiple choices that enable us to create and honor our welfare.

  2. I’m excited about how many people are working on new models for senior housing, aging well, aging in community, etc. like you, I’ve done so much research that I’ve determined I will share what I gather on my website for all the friends who have asked. On a personal level, though, I’m still conflicted about whether my husband and I are physically, emotionally, and financially able to create our own secure future or if we will be wiser relying on a well-established and well-funded non-profit CCRC. The internal debate continues.


    Interested in learning more about your group vision for a community

    • After living alone for 20 years, I became a nanny for my grandchildren and lived with my son and family for 20 more years. A month ago I got a low cost apartemnt in a gated community with all the amenities – because it was a rule that they had to have a certain number of affordable apts. Now for the first time in all those years I am paying rent and utilities and just wondering if I can really afford this!! Sometimes I panic, as I realize just how expensive living is –I have always had a car and those expenses, but rent and utilities on top of my normal every day expenses has me wondering. I do love being by myself, but perhaps finances will steer me to group living. I love reading this e-mail and hope to learn more and more from all you followers! Thanks

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