An Example for the Next Generation: What Boomer Women can Teach Millennials

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In the corporate world everyone is talking about the wave of Generation Y entering the workforce. Apparently, in the coming years these Millennials will overtake Boomers as the largest working population. There is a huge buzz surrounding the ways our generation and Gen X are supposed to learn to work with and manage Gen Y.

However, I think there may be some more important things that we can learn from each other.

At one time, Baby Boomers were in the very same position as Millennials. We entered the workforce en masse, especially women in our generation, and changed the way the corporate world works. Now that many of us are facing retirement we are looking at ways to change the way the aging population lives.

So what can Millennials learn from us? Plenty, as it turns out.

  • We can teach them about principles. The Millennials are a generation that relies on Google to be part of their collective memory. This is absolutely fantastic and using the tools available is important for both generations. However, Boomers can teach Gen Y a thing or two about principles. Millennials want straight answers and immediate feedback and they can learn from our generation about how to apply those to their jobs and ultimately their lives after employment.

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    We can teach them how to disconnect. Sure, we are guilty of it too. With smart phones so pervasive in our culture even Boomers can get caught up in a flurry of emails and social media. But we were raised in a time when we went outside to play and we disconnected from media to socialize with our peers. Millennials could learn a thing or two from shutting off social media and connecting with the real people around them. We can teach them this by example.

  • We can pave the way. As Boomer women continue to successfully advocate for new ideas about aging in our culture we will change the dialogue all together. The Millennial generation may not even need to have discussions about assisted living facilities or how to handle their care as they age. They can remain engaged and active and build communities that enrich them as older individuals. This can be our legacy.

Many of us have family who are part of Generation Y.  If not, we probably know a few from around town or through our work. We can learn a lot from each other so let’s take the time to get to know them. If we treat these Millennials as adults and peers rather than kids, we can open up a new conversation that can take everyone to the next level.

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