11 Video Examples & Discussions of Shared Housing Communities from Around the World

While shared housing has a lot of perks, doing it right can be a daunting task.

Personally, I find it helpful to remind myself of all of the successfully shared houses that there are out there. I’ve lived in some myself, and they’re a ton of them out there that I already know about. I also find out about new ones that I’ve never heard of all of the time.

That’s part of why I wanted to share the videos below with you. They’re just inspiring. But there’s another reason too.

People who have had success with shared housing have already been down a road that you may just be beginning. And most of them have learned the hard way what it takes to make this work. By listening to their stories, we can learn what really matters with this sort of thing and get actionable advice to make our own dreams a reality.

Ready to get inspired?

Here are several uplifting stories about thriving shared houses from around the globe.

This first video is of my friends and I living together in Asheville, North Carolina

This video shows the impact that shared housing has on people facing hard times, including homelessness in Dallas, Texas.

A beautiful example of multigenerational shared living from Australia

Australian news report covering examples of senior shared housing in Tazmania

A group of self-sufficient seniors living together in one of four shared homes created in Chicago by the nonprofit Senior Housing Share

Three Boomers aging in community in Ontario Canada

This Japanese example of a shared house features a younger set of housemates, but it’s pretty neat.

There are also some broader discussions of shared housing that look at the movement more deeply.

In Manchester, UK, people old and young discuss the desperate need for shared housing in their community.

Organizers Pat Dunn and Louise Bardswich discuss shared housing within the Aging in Community movement in Canada.

Margaret Manning and Bonnie Moore dig into why so many women over 60 are interested in shared housing.

Finally, I recently filmed a short video of my own covering what I have found works and what doesn’t from my own experiences with shared housing.

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