Perks! A Day in the life of a shared houser

No coffee today!

 What a way to start the day! Got a bad cold and laryngitis too! Poor me. But wait ! There is a knock at my door. S. shows up to apologize for slamming the door as she takes out the recycling for pick up. Slam away, at least I don’t have to take it out in the blustery, gray and rainy morning.

 Next I get a hug from S. Joining both G. and S. for coffee is offered in the common kitchen which they share, and I say “Sure!” I didn’t have to make my coffee today. Then on top of that wonderment, I got some scrambled eggs at a table with cloth napkins and some company. Couldn’t even sit and feel sorry for myself this morning.

To add to the festivities of the pre-8am goings-on (is that a Southern term?) a raccoon or some other creature had gotten into the garbage and it was strewn all over the driveway. The thought of going and picking all that up this morning overwhelmed me. Before I had a chance to grab the rubber gloves, (which I did slowly) L. was out there doing the chore of picking up after our 4-legged neighbor. Bless your heart. (Yes, that is Southern expression, I am sure).

Off went G. to give a ride to a friend with instructions to S. NOT to do the dishes. Yes, they do them by hand. I saw my opportunity to give back for the treat I had been given this morning. I did the dishes in their kitchen, as I have my own kitchen in our shared house, and felt GREAT about doing dishes. Maybe I do have a fever. The things that continue to surprise me about living in a shared house with the right folks.

Next is was helping S. off to her 17-day trip to St. Croi (sp?) for her daughter’s wedding. Don’t know that I was much help, but it felt good to try! Off she went in her little bug. It felt good to wave goodbye to her. I know that I love to have someone wave goodbye to me when I am off, especially for a long trip. Makes me feel like I have a family who will know I am gone.

Well, we have that here. A chosen family who looks out for each other, and so many little things that add up to a big feeling of comfort and love.

Who knew? I didn’t but I did dream about it. It’s reality now.


  1. Richard Edl says


    What a pleasant way to live.! Do you know of any home-shares for male boomers? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. Paula Carter says

    I’ve thought of living in a community of this type for years. My friends have been talking all around the issue, some even have large properties on which to build but no one has taken an actual step in the direction we need to go. I think we picture it as a time that will come…but not soon.

    I’m 61 and feel the time is now BEFORE I need help. I want to enjoy the feeling of security among friends who support each other while I’m still able to form relationships like the ones I’ve read about. We’ve all dreamed of living like the Golden Girls.

    I believe we deserve it. Marry, raise children, work, retire then forge a life that allows us to enjoy ourselves without the pressure of handling it all alone. I’m sharing the information I glean here with many of my friends who have been discussing this for such a long time. I’m so happy to have discovered this website and all of you who have written. Thank you, thank you!

Women For Living in Community