Challenges You Might Face on the Path to Community Living

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Anytime someone has an idea that is different than that of mainstream culture they will face some challenges from society. The good news is that humans do well in adverse situations so it is safe to buckle in and see where this road takes you. Here are 5 challenges you might face as you begin a journey toward living in community.

  • Purchasing a shared home. Living in community involves resources so you need to make sure you discuss finances with the individuals with whom you’ll be sharing a home. If you chose to pool your money to purchase a home this is doubly as important. Be sure to be thorough with your agreements and the legal language so everyone feels safe with their investment.
  • Zoning laws regarding unrelated roommates. Several years ago, here in my town of Asheville, a local homeowner came under fire by the city for renting the 8 rooms in his home. In order to establish a community household you need to be aware of the laws in your municipality regarding unrelated roommates. Unfortunately, there is not one good answer since the regulations are different from place to place. Sometimes the issue can be solved by having safety measures in place and other times it is more complex. Talk with your local government or others who have done this in your city to find out more.

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