How do I get Started Building Community?

The number one question asked on this blog and social media is, “How can I start living in community?” I thought I might take some time to answer a few of those questions.

Just like good journalism, it is important to ask yourself the “5 Ws” before to create a plan to get started.

Who, What, Where, Why, and When?

Answering these 5 questions will give you a head start on the “How?”

Start with your “Why?” What purpose do you want to achieve by living in community? Is it to reduce your expenses? It is to have companionship as you age? Is it to have assistance? There are so many reasons to consider it is important to know your motivations.

The next step is to determine the “Who?” If you have been talking about this for a while, who have you spoken to about the idea? Have you noticed any sparks of interest in those conversations? Look at your extended social networks. Who thinks outside of the box? Who might be interested in this type of living situation? Think though the tangible concepts like current life situations, time and money resources, and if you can see yourself living with them.

I encourage you to click below to see more steps to take on the path toward community living.

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