Live Event Recap: Connection, Information, Action in Sarasota, Florida

Earlier this year, I held an exciting workshop in Sarasota, Florida dedicated to exploring shared housing hosted by the Senior Friendship Center. This was shortly before the coronavirus took off in the United States.

Revisiting the event brings me back to a simpler time when it was so easy to have experiences like this in real-time. It also has me thinking about when and how I can safely and responsibly participate in future events as our world moves forward.

At any rate, it was a great time, so I’d love to share some highlights with you!

Greeting participants at reception

The theme of this one day workshop was Connection, Information, Action, which I believe are the three main ingredients that it takes for getting community building off the ground.

I shared some of my own story and focused most of my session on how to get participants moving with their own shared housing projects. This included some resources and activities from my book, Your Quest for Home, that the audience got to participate in.

Here’s me doing my thing!

My close friend and colleague Linda Williams then shared information about the Living in Community Network, which is based in Sarasota. This organization encourages the creation of sustainable communities where residents live in a mutually supportive environment of friendship, shared values, life-long learning, and civic engagement.

My friend Linda Williams presenting the Living in Community Network

She’s got a great stage presence!

Jeanette Watling-Mills presented on behalf of the Senior Friendship Center’s Home Share Program, which connects working singles ages 23 years + with adult homeowners over the age of 60 who own their own home, and have a private bath and bedroom to share in exchange for rent.

Jeanette Watling-Mills shared information on the Senior Friendship Center

All in all, it turned out to be a very dynamic and information-packed afternoon. Afterward, a number of people invited me to do similar presentations with organizations in the Tampa area, which got me even more motivated.

Now that I’m back home in Asheville, North Carolina, I’m inspired to get moving on my next workshop here in town for Your Quest for Home, which will be offered here in town. I’ll be sharing more about that soon, so stay tuned!

I’ll end with a few more pics showing what a good time we had that day.

A great turnout!

The audience seemed to have a pretty good time! 🙂

Everyone left with some great resources for taking their next steps!

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