Communities Magazine: Spring 2015 Community for Baby Boomers

Communities magazineI was pleasantly surprised when I opened my mailbox earlier this month to see the spring issue of Communities Magazine with the title “Communities for Baby Boomers” emblazoned across the cover. Since the 1970s, Communities Magazine has been the go-to publication for intentional communities of all types, and since boomers were the catalyst for the communal living movement of the 60s it is no surprise that we are also the leaders of the new initiative to create communities as we age.

The magazine has a number of great articles that would be of interest to anyone looking to develop community.

Laird Schaub provides some insight on intergenerational communities. He discusses how aging in place attracts people from a variety of age groups looking for an alternative to the current expectations. He also talks about the benefits that older community members can contribute such as time and mentoring. He also takes a look at some of the challenges facing intergenerational communities.

Another article showcases the journey of author Sharon Bagatell and her partner as they moved to the well-known Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage as “elders.” She discusses the challenges of moving into an alternative community as an older adult. It wasn’t easy and there was a certain expectation that, as an older woman, she would be a teacher or a mentor which was not the role she was looking for in her community. She acknowledges the way age has been a “social separator” throughout American culture and understands that age really does matter in community.

Of course, there are many more articles about community living as we age in the issue. These examples are only a taste of what can be found online.

Other articles include:

  • A Baby Boomer’s Guide to Community: Then and Now
  • How Community Can Help Baby Boomers with Caregiving
  • Transparency, Vulnerability, Interdependence, and Collaboration: An Intergenerational Perspective from a Boomer and a Millennial

To read more, buy a copy of the magazine. It will be well worth your time.

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  1. I am currently in the process of looking for an intentional community. Check out my blog. It’s just starting! Thank you and much love!

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