These Unforgettable Golden Girls Moments Show Aging in Community in Action

The Golden Girls is a classic TV sitcom that has stood the test of time like few others. Watching it today, it’s amazing how well it has aged with its fully realized characters and pitch-perfect punchline delivery.

The show has also become a touchstone in the aging in community movement, frequently being cited as an example of senior coliving that resonates deeply for many of us. While living in shared housing can be more complex and challenging than the Golden Girls reflects, it’s also something that many elders have been able to work for them in real life, including myself.

But these women living in community in their Florida bungalow were ahead of their time in other ways as well. They took on the challenging issues of their day and shared points of view that are just as deeply resonate today as they were when they first aired.

Below are six great examples of The Golden Girls showing themselves to be a true example of women living in a healthy, nourishing community. Fair warning: A couple of these clips are real tearjerkers.

The community accepts a new community member with Sophia’s arrival in Episode 1.

AIDS is not a bad person disease, Rose.

Blanche thinks she sees what Sophia is getting at about gay marriage…

Dorothy and Blanche confront Rose about her pain pill addiction.

Sophia talks with someone considering suicide like a friend. Like a best friend.

Condoms, condoms, condoms…

The Golden Girls legacy is part of my story as well, which you can learn more about in this interview I gave with NBC a few years ago.

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