5 Places to Retire: What Lifestyle Are You Looking For?

Last month I mentioned the problem with Top 5 Lists of best places to retire. This month I am going to break my own rule and provide you with a list, but one with a purpose.

I’m choosing only 5 locations, but of course there are countless places in this country that could fit every possible lifestyle.

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Here are some places you might like if you’re interested in outdoor activities, city living, warm weather, international travel, and small town living.

Boulder, Colorado. If you like to hike, swim, fish, and enjoy the beauty of the natural world one of the best places for you is this town in Colorado. Boulder lacks the same big city rush you’ll find in Denver and you really can’t beat the majestic scenery all around the area. There are several public parks along with easy access to the Rocky Mountains. The city is bike friendly and there is already a strong 65 and older population.

Washington DC. Other people love the hustle and bustle of a big city and if NYC seems a little too energetic you might want to consider Washington DC. There is plenty to do in the nation’s capital and you can choose to live in the heart of the city itself or in the Virginia or Maryland suburbs with easy access to the city center. Cafes and nightspots are always hopping with activity and if you don’t want to leave those days behind DC could be a perfect choice for you.

Click below to see a few more ideas for retirement places.

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Santa Fe, NM. Do you want sun and warm weather all year round? Do you want your retirement home to have a local charm that can’t be found anywhere else? The American South West has a unique culture, beautiful regional art and architecture, and amazing food choices. The little town of Santa Fe might be a perfect spot to trade in your traditional life for something more extraordinary.

Belize. Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Are you thinking about leaving the states for something exciting to write home about? Belize is one of the most popular retirement destinations in the world. English is the primary language and the cost of living is exceptionally inexpensive. Belize is in Central America in an area that was original colonized by the British. There are luscious jungles, Caribbean beaches, and pre-European history, and even casinos.

Brevard, NC. This very small mountain town has attracted retires to the Western North Carolina area for a long time. Very near the vibrant and artsy town of Asheville, Brevard has its very own culture. Even famed comedian turned banjo artist Steve Martin lives in Brevard. You can live in the quaint downtown area or enjoy living up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Transylvania County is even known for having the most waterfalls in the country.

This is no comprehensive list by any means. Cities from Savannah to Honolulu could have easily made the list as well as any place in between.  I hope you begin to think about what you want out of your place of retirement.

Anywhere you go you will find like-minded people who will be interested in building community and supporting one another.

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  1. Lois Gross says

    The top three places you’ve mentioned are very expensive. Housing in Boulder is so high that, for years, people who work there have lived in surrounding towns like Louisville and Broomfield. I can’t imagine finding affordable housing in Santa fe or DC, either. I believe that, for many of us, retiring to a new place involves finding an affordable place and these locations don’t meet that criteria.

  2. Of course, I love where you live and rank it high, but I also think Prescott, AZ is perfect for retirement. Sedona gets most of the press, but in many ways Prescott is much better. We have a large group of new retirees, 3 colleges, visual and performance art, oodles of recreation options, a reasonable cost of living and mild climate. What’s not to love?

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