Three Important Questions to Ask Yourself

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I am guessing that you have an interested in community living or other alternative living situations as you age or else you probably wouldn’t be reading here. There are so many possible solutions that can consider. Co-housing, shared housing, and aging in place are only a few examples. Now that you have been thinking about how to get started and where you might want to live, there are a few things you should be asking yourself.

1.       Is this what I really want to do?
2.       Who will take care of me?
3.       Is this house a place that can be accessible?

Each of these questions will have a very different answer for every individual, so let’s look at  them with a little more detail.

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Is this what I really want to do?

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This is the time to be really honest with yourself. If you’ve looked at your Who, What, Where, and Why then you should have a pretty good understanding of the impact this decision could make on your life and the lives of your friends and family. If you even have a moment of hesitation or doubt really think through those feelings and try to work out a solution. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. If you decide that community living is not for you then the right answer will appear in time.

Who will take care of me?

This is a difficult question but it needs to be asked. If you’re looking at a long term solution that will last throughout your retirement and beyond then it is important to know who will be responsible for you if you experience a decline in your health or if there is an accident. Have you spoken to your family about what you want? Are you looking for a community living situation that can adapt as you age?

Is this house a place that can be accessible?

Not every house is created equal. If you’re looking to buy or rent a space to share with housemates you may need to consider not just the current needs of each person but also the long term needs. What is accessible? Are there steps to the door? Is there a second story? Is the bathroom and kitchen accessible or could they be modified? This question is purely practical.

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