Social Media and Community Living: How to Connect with Like Minded People

I have some good news for you. Other people interested in building community are out there. Now, that is the easy part. What we all need to do next is figure out how to meet them. This is where social media can help us.

If you’re not on social media I highly suggest that you change that. These websites, like Facebook or Twitter, can help us connect not only to our friends and family but also engage in conversations about our lives with others who have similar goals and interests.

Here are four ideas for connecting with linked minded people through social media.

Facebook. A lot of people from all age groups spend time on the most popular personal networking site online. You can connect with old friends from High School and keep up with your kids and grand kids. There are also plenty of Facebook resources for connecting with others who want to live in community or explore alternatives as they age. Women for Living in Community has our own Facebook page to encourage connections and discussions. Another popular page is the Golden Girls Network.

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MeetUp. This site is a way to use online networking to facilitate offline connections. You can search the site for a community living group, Baby Boomer groups, or other interests that might fit in with the concepts you’re exploring. Meetups happen in every city and every state so it isn’t hard to find individuals to connect with through the site.

Google+ Hangouts. G+ is Google’s entry into the world of Social Media. It isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter but there are millions of users of all demographics from all over the world. Google+ offers a way to connect with anyone who has a similar interest and place them in circles as a way to organize your conversations. The best feature of G+ is the Hangout, an easy to use video conference service which can connect you to others who have a similar interest no matter where in the world they are located.

Start a group. Beyond following existing Facebook pages and joining Meetups in your area, you can always start our own online group to discuss the options for community living as you age. Facebook makes it easy to set up private groups or public pages which can help you connect to individuals you have met who are also interested in alternative living solutions.

Do you want to connect with others interested in living in community? Contact me to learn more about how I can help you develop your ideas and make your community a reality.

Women For Living in Community