Single Seniors: Not Interested in Being Alone

My primary focus on this site is certainly to encourage women to build their own communities as they age; but there is another topic I think is rather important that we consider. What about dating as we age?

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I’m not talking about living together or getting married, but rather forging loving bonds with other seniors to provide some companionship.

If you’re single but not interested in being alone there are some things to thing about before entering the dating scene.

Singlehood can come upon us in many ways. It may be through divorce or the loss of a beloved husband or partner. Sometimes it can feel like a burden and other times it can feel like a great freedom. This article, from, provides some great insight to developing relationships as we age and I would love to expand on some of them.

If you’re not interested in being single as you face your later years and move into a new phase of your life, consider these options. In truth, much of this is the same dating advice we should think about throughout our lives but sometimes we need a little reminder.

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  1. Join a social club.Do you like dancing? Or Cards? Do you enjoy physical fitness? There are any number of possible social

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    clubs that can help you build relationships, and not just the romantic kind. Join a gym, a travel club, a card club, or take classes.

  2. Reconnect on Facebook. Some people find love and friendship by rekindling relationships with people from their past. Even without any expectations you can enhance your experience by reconnecting with people who you cared about in the past.
  3. Volunteer. Giving back to the community can provide so many benefits including meeting new people. Volunteering is a great resource for retired adults as they no longer have the commitments of a 9-5 job or a young family.

Also, remember that being in a relationship shouldn’t be something that defines you as a person. You are already whole and complete, but the right relationship could enhance your experience.

Living in community may be another alternative to being in a relationship. When you create bonds with other mature adults your experienced is enhanced and you begin to rely on one another for support and friendship. Social activities with close friends will have more meaning.

I encourage you to visit my website, Women for Living in Community, to find out more about building communities as we age. Contact me to find out more.

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