Sharing Your Stories – A Call for Participation

NYT_Article_ImageHere is a call to action: We, at Women for Living in Community, want to hear from you!  It is your time to share your stories with us. We know you’re out there and we know you’re reading so it is time to step out from behind the curtain and face the audience!

So, now that I am done with the lecture I need to explain myself a little better. I’m not being the bad guy. I’m not trying to put people on the spot. However, what I am trying to do is shed a light on the subject of community living. I want people to see the benefits, understand the issues, and learn more about why this is a viable option for so many people looking for alternatives to the current way we stack old people up in homes and forget about them.

We are the pioneers! The trailblazers! We are the future of community!

I know there are stories out there that we aren’t hearing about. Our generation, unlike the Millennials today who grew up connecting online, isn’t use to sharing our lives on blogs or through Twitter. But as we become the examples for all of the generations younger than us it is important that we share our experience.

Marianne-living-in-communityI’ll start. My name is Marianne Kilkenny. I share a home in Asheville North Carolina with several other women. Some are temporary and some have been here for a long time. In fact, some previous housemates have even been men. (I know, scandalous!) We have house rules, a covenant that all the housemates must live by, and both shared and individual spaces within the home. It has been an extremely worthwhile experience for everyone involved. As a speaker, facilitator, and author I think it is extremely important that I walk the talk. I would have a hard time sitting here writing about why you should share your community stories if I didn’t participate in community living myself.

Bring us your stories! We want to hear about cohousing, shared housing, inter-generational housing, tiny houses, pocket neighborhoods, villages, accessory homes, or any other ways that you live in community. Leave us a comment, message us directly, or join the conversation on Facebook. We want to hear from you!

Marianne is a consultant, conference planner, group facilitator, educator, trailblazer and “The Grand Nudge” who helps individuals and groups create innovative models for living and aging in community.  She founded the Women for Living in Community Network and co-created the Women Living in Community conferences.

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