NBC Nightly News- After Thoughts

It’s been a wild and wonderful ride since last Saturday’s show on NBC Nightly News Weekend edition. It started out with a call on my cell phone a man, Tranh Tran,  with a very sexy voice, saying he was with NBC and would like to talk to me about the possibility of featuring something about the growing trend of Boomer women sharing houses.  He had found my name in various places in his Google search. Thank you Mari Cochran and Cheri Britton for your brilliant assistance on things technical ala creative on the web that got me prepared.

He called Saturday and they were here filming for 6 hours the following Monday. That meant my housemates really stepped to assist in making this a successful event. We all have very busy lives and sometimes it feels like we are ships in the night. Often someone is gone all day or out of town. As luck, or whatever guides these things, we were all here. Even better, everyone dropped things and really rallied! What would they film, who would they talk to? Would we get to see it?

I only had the answer to the last question. We would see it when everyone else did, Saturday night at 6:30 EST.              The Saturday after Thanksgiving. National New!

And yes, of course all those brilliant things I said about all my work speaking and conferences and on and on. Did they show that NO! I woke up after the filming at 4am to KNOW that they would something about me saying I was most like Blanche. I was right. There in my very own bedroom I said it and everyone watching the National news saw it too. Actually I talked to my sister and she thinks I am more like Dorothy. Does that mean I am bossy, maybe, in charge I like to think.

There has been so much interest! The fact that they mentioned matching services at the same time they showed our website, inferred that we do that I think. It is a grand idea and I have thought of it often. We shall see what transpires around the next steps.

Hope to get to all of you with emails in time. For now, I just want to thank all of you who sent emails, went to our Facebook page and Meet Up and joined.  BTW,  I am realizing that the Meet Up is more for our local Asheville programs. Hope everyone subscribes to  the website as the new services, products and even some video’s will start out from here!

Off to Sarasota, Florida to see my peeps in the Living in Community clan there. Will be sharing “The Real Deal” of shared housing. http://www.meetup.com/LivinginCommunityNetwork/events/41338212/

Get to show off a short video about our house. More than was shown on our 2 minutes and 11 seconds. It’s been a wonderful few weeks. Please continue to send your emails and blog additions! It’s a movement!




Women For Living in Community