Love in Community Living: Cohousing with a Spouse

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There is a reason this community is called Women FOR Living in Community rather than just Women Living in Community. When I began this journey I knew it wasn’t for women only but that women were the glue that could hold these community relationships together.

A young friend recently shared with me that her aging parents are moving out of their colonial style home. With joint and vision problems they are no longer able to navigate the staircase with confidence. Their home, the one where they raised 3 children, has multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and could be a perfect home for community living. Imagine, instead of selling the home, if they repurposed it and invited others to share the space with them. How could this change the game for many seniors who would prefer to age in their own homes?

I encourage you to continue reading my thoughts about community living below.

Image by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr

Image by Robert S. Donovan via Flickr

I once spoke to a man at a conference who was dragged kicking and screaming into a community living situation by his wife. He wanted no part of this experience. He wasn’t exactly sure why he agreed to go along with her in the first place. He shared with me that not long after he moved in he began to have a change of heart. Another couple also lived in this home and he realized that he had a built in golf buddy and someone to hang out with in the back yard when they fired up the grill. He told me he didn’t even realize that those kinds of friendships were missing in his life. He was grateful for his wife opening his mind to the possibilities.

There are no specific rules for the right way to engage in community living. Women, men, multiple generations, or any other possible combination can live successful under one roof.

An empty-nester household might, in fact, be nearly perfect for adding roommates. The home may even be already paid for so rent payments could offset property taxes and insurance. The kids are gone with careers and families of their own so there is plenty of room for a few more people.

Are you interested in community living but aren’t sure your partner or spouse would be open to the idea? I can help! Contact me or join the conversation on Facebook!

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