Intergenerational Messages: How Elders can Teach the Next Generation

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As Active Aging Week continues, today’s recommended activity is centered on Intergenerational Messages. The idea is that grandparents have a lot of wisdom to pass on to the next generation. I challenge that this doesn’t only encompass grandparents but also moms, aunts, friends, and extended community.

Women for Living in Community is built on the idea that we have something to teach not only among our peers but to the next generation.

When I started this community movement I wanted to find an alternative to the expectations that we as a culture isolate our elders into nursing homes or retirement communities as if we don’t want to think about aging much at all. I wanted something different than my parents had and I was certain it was possible. Now, I travel the country speaking to others interested in developing a variety of community living situations as they age.

There is so much value in creating relationships with different generations. These don’t have to be your own children or your siblings children. Making friends with individuals in other age groups can help keep us active and engaged.

Nearly a year ago, I wrote about being an example for the next generation of women. In it I discussed the things that we, as boomers, can teach the millennial generation. Things like:

  • Principles.
  • Disconnecting from online media.
  • Leading by example.

We are very alike even with a generation between us. While our methods and our experiences may be different, there is a lot we can teach one another.

“At one time, Baby Boomers were in the very same position as Millennials. We entered the workforce en masse, especially women in our generation, and changed the way the corporate world works. Now that many of us are facing retirement we are looking at ways to change the way the aging.”

What can you do today to honor Active Aging Week and intergenerational messages? How can you pass your wisdom on to the next generation?

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