The Grand Nudge Halloween Celebration


Ooh, it’s my favorite time of year again! Halloween gives us all a chance to wear a mask and step outside of ourselves just for one day. For me it means donning my feather boa, sporting my cat eye glasses, and taking up the mantle of the Grand Nudge.

Last year many of you met me in my Halloween manifesto. My role in this life is to challenge all of you to move forward.

Stop thinking and start doing.

The Grand Nudge

The Grand Nudge

Halloween is a perfect metaphor for this adventure. You can only plan so much before you get started. You may need to spend all of October picking out just the perfect costume. Then October 31st comes around and you can’t wait until November to trick or treat. If you do let fear stop you from starting you never get the rewards of door to door candy giveaways!

I don’t want to see any of you lose out on a great experience because you’re too afraid to try. So get off your couch and get out there. Start building community.

Happy Halloween!

Women For Living in Community