How to Find Like-Minded People in Your Community

5571950287_e079122b9b_zRecently a reader on the Facebook page asked:

“I never see anyone on this page that is actually looking for a roommate or a house to live in community with other people, why is that? I live in the Triad on North Carolina which is in the center of the state, I would love to find other women who want to live in community, if you are out there please contact me.”

While we would love for our page to facilitate meetings it may not be the best tool for the job. However, there are many other ways to find like-minded people in your area with whom to build community. I thought I might provide some ideas and tools that can work for you.

I have written a couple of blog posts about this very subject. You can see them here:

So let’s take recap and take a look at some of the best online methods in a little more detail.


There are so many ways to connect with people on Facebook. You can connect to individuals as “friends,” you can become a fan of a Page, or you can join interactive groups. The best way to get started with this is to use the search bar at the top of your Facebook page to search keywords that may help find the groups you’re looking for. You may wish to search “Community Living,” “Aging in Community,” or “Cohousing.” Also, keep in mind that you are just as likely to meet like-minded people in communities other than those dedicated to shared households. Strike up conversations on other groups where the demographic is similar to the people with whom you would like to share a home.


This site works similarly to Facebook but provides individuals within close proximity to get together in person. You can search the site for groups that may be interested in community living or, again, find people with other similar interests or hobbies. If there isn’t an aging in community Meet-Up group in your area consider starting your own.

In my book, Your Quest for Home, there are a number of exercises designed for you to review your personal motivations and find resources to meet the right people within your community. I encourage everyone interested in pursuing community living to use my guidebook to start this journey.

Women for Living in Community Network

We have been working on a project to catalog resources on our website that can help you facilitate communities in your area. Check out our new resource page here.

We would love to hear from you. Do you have ideas for finding like-minded people in your community? Comment below or join in the conversation on Facebook!

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