Community Spotlight: Senior Flatmates


Community can mean many things to many people. Some who are looking to build community want a shared household with several housemates. Others envision a pocket neighborhood community where each member has their own home and they come together for shared experiences. Others still are looking for a tiny accessory dwelling unit in a back yard so they can be close to friends or family.

Can just two roommates sharing a space in the Big Apple be considered a community?

Senior Flatmates is the blog of Dina L. Wilcox and Ann Fry, two 60-something single women sharing an apartment in New York City. Understanding that it is difficult for anyone, of any age, to afford to live in Manhattan the two friends decided to pool their expenses and share the experience of the big city life they both craved.

Their blog is a great window into their adventures. And they want to advocate that two adults can, in fact, live together without any sort of romantic implications.

Their story has taken them in directions they had not expected. On July 30 the flatmates found themselves featured on the CBS Morning Show.

Like many of us advocating for community living Dina and Ann talk about what might be considered the Big 3 topics:

  1. Health
  2. Finance
  3. Companionship

In their story, Dina was compelled to ask Ann to move in with her when she learned about the other woman’s struggle with breast cancer. Unable to keep up with the increased bills, Ann knew that moving in with Dina may be her best solution. But their decision wasn’t entirely financial. They have cultivated a strong friendship with one another and enjoy time out in the city or evenings at home.

Both women stress that as long as it makes sense they will share an apartment in New York. Both are single and looking to date or even settle down with the right man in their lives, but there are no plans for any marriages or status changes at this time.

We would love to hear from you: how would having even just one roommate help you live the life you want as you age?

Women For Living in Community