How Community Living Can Make you Healthier

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I often talk about the financial aspects of community living options as we age. It is really great to be able to pool money and resources and live in shared house or community. Other subjects that frequently come up with this topic are companionship and caregiving. However, there are a few more hidden benefits we can take away from sharing a home or an intentional community with other like-minded adults as we age. Community living can make us healthier. Here is a look at some of the ways this works.

  • Food choices. In my life I have often heard empty-nesters describe that they just don’t know how to cook for one or two people any more. They were so use to making food for their children that portion sizes and recipes seem all wrong now. Shared meals in a community household could be a perfect solution to this. Each of the housemates can take a turn in the kitchen and food won’t go to waste. Healthier choices become much easier when you’re not relying on microwaved meals or fast food.
  • Exercise. Motivation is one of the top problems for most people when it comes to getting their daily exercise on the schedule. However, studies have shown exercising in groups can keep people engaged. You can start slow by taking a neighborhood stroll every day or your housemates can encourage you to go to that yoga class at the community center.
  • Social interaction. Loneliness is bad for our health. I think this may be one of the reasons that we crave community living to keep our minds active to avoid the fate of our own elders who languished in nursing homes. Not only can community living keep us engaged with healthy food choices and exercise but it is also essential for our mental wellbeing. Remember, isolation can happen to anyone regardless of how many people surround them so the key is to build a supportive community.

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