BFF- Who is she?

My BFF or Best Female Friend is Sarah. We have known each other for 33 years and counting. We have been through our weddings, divorces, buying houses, care giving for our parents, the death of parents, family challenges, work in Silicon Valley for years and all that took, and the escape from that Valley of horrors without too many ticks or enduring health challenges.

We moved apart, physically but never did we move apart in other ways. I can sometimes feel her when we are together on the phone. I know that I can call her no matter what is going on with me and she will be there.

I hope you all have a friend like this.  I always know she will understand me.

She has shared my dream for the type of living where those of us without children (not that would secure a future) we can have fun, live surrounded by folks we love and care for and and love and care for us. That mutual support that is so important to all of us.

Sarah always got what I was talking about around this idea. We brainstormed, talked about ideas, and even looked at property.  She came to visit me in North Carolina and I visited her in Santa Barbara. We looked at the many possibilities that might work. The creative process continues and the reality of that living alternative  as we age together becomes visible.

Will we live together like the Golden Girls?  I hope so.  What a blast it would be.  Having that kind of knowledge of each other, the history without the family system in place would be divine.  You have a BFF you would love to have share the ride with us?  Keep dreaming with Sarah and I.


Women For Living in Community