Alternative Living Solutions: Tiny Homes, Pocket Neighborhoods, and More

Here at Women for Living in Community we talk a lot about cohousing or shared housing or other types of community living. It is in our name, after all. But we also know that not everyone is interested in these types of living arrangements as they age. What are some other alternatives for us? While some of these may have community components, they are independent living at the core. Let’s take a look at just a few.

Inside Laura's Tiny House

Inside Laura’s Tiny House

Tiny Houses

Recently, guest author Laura M. LaVoie posted about tiny homes. The movement is gaining ground and becoming quite popular due to media attention. This recent article showcases the tiny life of Bette Presley. She hopes that by downsizing her life drastically she can keep her children from having to deal with a house-load of possessions when she becomes unable to take care of herself. She also hopes that living in a tiny space will help her avoid nursing home care all together.

Pocket Neighborhoods

The concept of a pocket neighborhood is a series of small homes built with a central area and access. The idea is that community is built into the neighborhood but each home is individual. Friendships can be made but residents have their own sense of space. These communities tend to be multi-generational and the interaction is at everyone’s own pace.

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Living with Family

Image by Jay@MorphoLA via Flickr

Image by Jay@MorphoLA via Flickr

Another alternative solution that has a built in community is to live with family. This may be in the form of a room in their home, an in-law apartment, or a small cottage in the yard. This allows for independent living but also interaction with not just any group of people but your own family. For individuals with strong family relationships this may be an excellent solution.

The Green House Model

Dr. Bill Thomas is one of the co-creators of the Green House Model, an entirely new way to think about assisted living. The idea is to re-humanize the nursing care environment and give residents a real sense of home and community. If you are looking for assisted living for your future or you need to consider it for a loved one, look into this movement.

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