60s, 70s and 80s – Why We Don’t Stop Counting at 30


You know one thing I am kind of glad most people don’t seem to do anymore? Lie about their age! There was a long time in our culture where discussing a woman’s age was a strangely forbidden subject. I’m sure it stemmed from the devaluing of women as they age past childbearing years and if I were a sociologist I would study it. I’m not, though, so I’ll simply embrace it and encourage it.

Our 60s, 70s and even 80s can be the best times of our lives if we want them to be.

I remember women in my mother’s generation, and even younger, who would declare with each passing birthday that they were turning “29 again!” While there are still some people who don’t fully welcome the passing of each calendar year fewer women seem to stop the clock at 30. Why lie to ourselves? It really has no benefit to ourselves or society and continues to perpetuate the stereotype that aging is a bad thing.

Here are just a couple of the best things about turning 60 and beyond.

  1. Emotional maturity. While the extent of emotional maturity may vary in each individual, most of us have learned some tough life lessons by the time we turn 60 or 70. We tend to have higher self-esteem and more experience and wisdom to back up our choices and our advice.
  2. Gratitude. So many kids, especially those raised by Helicopter parents, seem to have a sense of entitlement. It is easy to see in public places and on the job. While there are certainly self-aware Millennials, they haven’t yet had the life experience to truly be grateful for what they have. After 60 we have a new perspective and can express our gratitude in a number of ways.
  3. More choices. You’ve heard of the “retirement career.” Many people are making different choices for their lives after they reach a certain age. They may have felt obligated to provide a certain lifestyle for their families but after a certain age this is no longer necessary. We can live for ourselves and decide what it is that we want to do.

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