October 9 – 10, 2015: Not Mom Summit 2015: Redefining Feminine Legacy

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Not Mom Summit 2015: Redefining Feminine Legacy
October 9-10, 2015 | Cleveland, OH
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Marianne Kilkenny will be a panelist at the Not Mom Summit 2015, where she will be a panel presenter on the topic: “Community Living: The Overlooked Option to Living Alone”

About the Summit:
Women’s conferences are nothing new, and they generally target a specific group: professionals, crafters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, or Moms of all kinds. A few might feature a breakout session for women without children.

The NotMom Summit offers the information, conversation and ‘you get me’ moments you’ve longed for, whether you chose a life without children or once hoped for motherhood. Wondering how to create a legacy that lasts? Here’s where you can find some answers.

Women For Living in Community