Initial Ground Breaking Conference

WOMEN for LIVING IN COMMUNITY is able to provide conference planning in other regions of the country, as well as regional meetings designed to create connections and build local communities.

Our initial ground-breaking conference attracted over 90 women, from the United States and Canada, who listened to our conference speakers….

♥     Diana Leafe Christian, Author; andEditor, Communities Magazine

♥      Maureen K. McCarthy, Creator of the State of Grace Document

♥      Joan Medlicott, Author of the Ladies of Covington novels

♥      Dene Peterson, Founder/Developer for ElderSpirit Community

♥      Joy Silver, President/CEO RainbowVision Properties

….. and then created their own conversation utilizing Open Space Technology – a powerful tool which recognizes the experience and wisdom of each individual present.

Held in Asheville, North Carolina, the conference was an enormous success evidenced by the continuing conversations amongst those who attended and the actions that many have already taken to make changes in their lives and create their desired future.

Attendees gather to learn and share.

Attendees gather to learn and share.

From Conference participants

“We came home psyched from the WLIC conference.  We have been telling everyone about how well thought through, organized and hospitable your event was.  The spirit of collaboration and connective-ness was always there from top to bottom! And you inspired us to meet you in kind…. Congratulations on a Wonderfully Inspiring Conference!!

Women For Living in Community