Asheville Opportunity: New Tribe Training – May 18 – 21, 2017

A second opportunity – This training was held October 2016 in Asheville and was a huge success with full class and participants now in the process of creating their own tribe.  This is another opportunity for those who missed it last fall.  This is a workshop for people deeply longing for a close knit, non-residential, loving community as a safety net for challenging times. Led by Bill Kauth, co-founder of “The ManKind Project, Warrior Monk & Our Tribe” and Zoe Alowan, co-author of We Need Each Other and also co-founder of Our Tribe.

Fee: $175 with registration for hard costs of venue & all meals. At the completion of the workshop Bill & Zoe will formally request a gift based on value you have received over the 3 day workshop ($300 – $2100).

Space is limited to 24 people

Registration: via email to or contact Bill or Zoe at 541-482-2335 / 530-263-4778. To learn more about Tribe, visit

Women For Living in Community