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Video Series by  Business Innovation Factory with support from the Robert Wood Johnson, produced in support of “Designing Connected Aging Experiences,” project:

Reflecting the Person Inside from Business Innovation Factory on Vimeo.

Description: Our actual age is less and less of an indicator of what we’re capable of, and certainly no indicator of our interests or our potential. We think in terms of effective age. Beneath surface impressions lives the person inside. We need new language and representation to help us and others frame this period of our lives as one of value and relevance, as a time lived on our terms.

Fostering Community from Business Innovation Factory on Vimeo.

Description: This video includes an interview with Marianne Kilkenny.  Being part of a community gives us something irreplaceable. We can’t think of a time when we’ve felt this kind of connection: when others have encouraged us to explore something outside of our norm, when we’ve built confidence so easily, when we’ve lit up when talking about what we do. When we’re part of a community, we feel safe. It’s about us in relationships versus isolation. It’s about starting a conversation about what we can do that’s for all of us.

Starting Conversations from Business Innovation Factory on Vimeo.

Description: Meeting new people in the course of living often requires a simple invitation. It takes just one person. When we keep to ourselves, we can lose a sense of who we are. But once conversation begins, it can lead many places. We re-generate and share memories that connect us to each other and to things we used to do and love. We feel good about the contact. We see our capability in a whole new way.

Creating the Life You Want from Business Innovation Factory on Vimeo.

Description: To live a connected life, we let go of what’s expected of us. We learn to be comfortable with who we are. We create space for ourselves so we can dig deeper into what’s important or remain open for what’s to come. We still have much to give. We take responsibility for creating the life we want to end up with.

Transitions from Business Innovation Factory on Vimeo.

Description: It can be devastating to lose a spouse or a family member. Unexpected financial difficulties, divorce, illness or injury can blindside us. Even planned life changes can leave an emotional mark as we give up activities we love or leave places we’ve called home. It’s very tough when we feel like we’re facing it all on our own. Close social networks who rally around us help us through.

Women For Living in Community