6 Tips for Finding Others to Share Housing

A large number of you wanted to know how to find others who might be interested in a shared housing experience. I thought I would give you a few pointers about that from my experiences.  The journey starts with you:

TIP #1:   Start by answering a few important questions.  

Why does this resonate with you?
What appeals to you? Look inside you.
The big question is. Why do I want to live in a shared house?
Then start moving outside of yourself to see who else might be in your tribe or your social web who is interested too.

TIP #2:  Take an inventory of who you know, who you have been talking to about this idea/concept for months or years, and/or who you showed our NBC segment to?

When you look at those others, what does their past predict as future behavior? are they risk takers?
What does your social web look like? Those others who you interact with regularly, frequently, or those who have a special place (in your heart) for you ?

Get practical and stop just talking about it! (This is the Nudge in me coming out, she wants some action)

TIP #3:   Have a gathering of those who you see as possibilities for your tribe.

What is the timing for them in their lives, their finances to be able to take action, and finally can you live with them?

Possible exercises for your gathering: 

  • What is standing in your way? (everyone answers this and their is a discussion).
  • The W’s- More on that later ! First one-  is Why do you want to do this? (Make sure you date this.)

TIP # 4:  Corral interested people with your same energy and desire who will not give up!

The Players- I call them Burning Souls (who is on fire to make this happen? who is in this with you?)
It really helps to have a partner on this journey.

TIP #5: Don’t forget your “WHY” (it will help you when you get tired or discouraged)

Want more help figuring out your Why? Maybe you could get a group together to talk about all your WHYS for shared living?  That is what we do. If this helped you, please let me know. Love for you to “Like” us on Facebook.    Comments welcome on the blog too!

TIP #6: Gather resources.

  • Check out the resource page for articles, books, and links on a variety of related issues.  

It’s  a Movement- so take action


  1. I have just launched a specialized social network a la FaceBook solely for the purpose of connecting like-minded women with an interest in learning about shared housing options and finding others who could become potential partners in their journey. It’s at http://www.porchlight.ning.com. It’s brand new and not quite finished yet, but I would love to have anyone associated with this website and blog to visit it, register, and leave me your feedback.

    Marianne, you’ll notice I have embedded one of your Youtube videos on the site and will be linking out to your website soon under the “Resources” section and the blog. I hope we can connect with each other soon!

    Thanks much,

    Lisa Cole
    PorchLight Network

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