Asheville NC

Tentative Partial Property Layout



We are seeking 5 to 6 ready to get started individuals who share the following:

  1. You want to live in Asheville, North Carolina.
  2. You want to live in a pocket neighborhood.
  3. You want to be surrounded by neighbors who believe in and participate in community principles.
  4. You are open to living in a modular home.
  5. You are ready to financially invest in the cost of the land and home (approximately in the range of  $325,000- $350,000 depending on size and finishes).
  6. You are ready to get started today – Spring, 2018.

Pocket Neighborhood
What is a Pocket Neighborhood?

“Pocket neighborhoods are clustered groups of neighboring houses or apartments gathered around a shared open space — a garden courtyard, a pedestrian street, a series of joined backyards, or a reclaimed alley — all of which have a clear sense of territory and shared stewardship. They can be in urban, suburban or rural areas.

These are settings where nearby neighbors can easily know one another, where empty nesters and single householders with far-flung families can find friendship or a helping hand nearby, and where children can have shirttail aunties and uncles just beyond their front gate.” Source:

Description of Land Lot and Homes

The property is located in north Asheville in at the end of a cul-de-sac with no through traffic. The land is flat and there is a creek along one side of the property and mountain views surrounding the remaining portion of the property.  The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful yet within minutes to downtown Asheville restaurants and attractions, the Blue Ridge Parkway, UNC Asheville campus and Mission Hospital.

Lot & House Development
Each lot is about 1/4 of an acre or less.  All houses will be cohesive in look to add to the neighborhood feel.

The homes are custom modular homes (you can design, if before June 1, 2018) and will be about 1000 – 1500 square feet. A modular home is simply a home built off-site in a factory in sections.  They are the same quality and customizable but construction is faster and often less costly to build, and greener than site-built homes. Today people often cannot tell the difference between a modular and site-built home. For example, one property owner already lives in a modular home which surprises most people. For more about modular homes click here.

Note to Realtors and Visitors

Please do not inquire about this property as lots are not publicly for sale.  Out of respect for surrounding neighbors we ask any interested prospective homeowners  NOT visit the property without scheduling your site visit first by using the form below.

Interested? What are the next steps?

If you are seriously interested, meet the qualifications as noted above and ready to get started:

Asheville Property Inquiry

We will be touch to answer any other questions and to schedule a site visit.


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