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Kilkenny2Creator/Founder of Women for Living in Community

Dear Reader:

In 2007 I launched Women for Living in Community out of a passion to change the way we look at aging in community.  My story is the same as many others.  I did not want to end up like my parents.

Women have always been the leaders and nurturers of community so it made sense to bring us together, to network, to share resources and to support each other in finding alternative models to aging in community. I’ve often been likened to the “Golden Girls”, a popular TV show from the 80s’ and 90’s about four older women living together in Miami, FL.  But aging in community is more than a sitcom; it’s a real life pressing problem that Boomers are facing for themselves and their parents everyday. Therefore, I champion alternative housing choices for people who want to experience camaraderie, connection and more confidence in their later years.  I am passionate about nudging women into alternative models for living in community settings as we age through the housing that we choose. I bring together groups and individuals to the realization that community is the solution.

I encourage you to explore this site, ask questions and take action and join our movement.

Marianne Kilkenny

We’ve been growing….

Since 2007 we have worked hard to raise awareness, provide information and education and to gather together a growing network of women engaged in creating and finding their community.  We are closer and closer to realizing our dream. Check out all the ways we’ve been growing:


As a nationally recognized expert on the growing trend of Boomer women who are creating new housing models, both Marianne Kilkenny and Women for Living in Community have been featured on NBC Nightly News, CBS Early Show, ABC News and NPR with featured stories in Reuters, Smart Money and AARP Magazine as well as several radio programs, magazine articles and blogs. Visit our “In the Media” page to learn more.


Marianne often presents at conferences, leads workshops and guides groups about the financial, safety and social benefits afforded by this innovative lifestyle.  Learn more here

In addition to her experience with creating shared homes, Marianne is knowledgeable about intentional neighborhood models, such as cohousing communities. She is a Certified Senior Cohousing Facilitator & Trainer (Nevada City, CA), has completed training in the Cohousing Development Process from the Elder Cohousing Network (Boulder, CO) and worked with the ElderSpirit Extension Program (Abingdon, VA), a model for affordable senior rental cohousing neighborhoods. Learn more here

Whether sharing her personal story or teaching about community models, Marianne is both humorous as well as outlandish, often invoking the “other” Marianne, the Grand Nudge to poke and prod people into action.    Click here for more speaking information.  

AUTHOR:  Your Quest for Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years

As a consultant, speaker and advocate, Marianne Kilkenny has worked tirelessly over the past decade to educate women on how to create the community they desire.  Now, Marianne has put together years of information and experience in the Guidebook, “Your Quest for Home: A Guidebook to Find the Ideal Community for Your Later Years” designed to answer your questions and walk you through the steps of defining and creating that community.  Full of exploratory exercises and powerful content, this guidebook is a necessary companion for anyone who is seeking out their happily ever after.  Click here for ordering information or to view book chapter titles.


Prior to her work on innovative housing solutions, Marianne worked for 25 years in Human Resources where she was an HR Director for Hi Tech companies in Silicon Valley, CA from 1980 to 2005. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from California State University at Chico.



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