Over the years we’ve led and presented in many conferences and workshops about the aging in community movement ranging from housing options, aging resources, aging lifestyle alternatives and positive aging. We invite you to join us or invite us at future events.

Aging in Community: Exploring Options
September 25 – November 13, 2015 | Asheville, NC
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Marianne Kilkenny will be session speaker (September 25 & November 13) during the 8 week learning series offered through OLLI, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNC-Asheville.  To read my in-depth description, read my blog post.

My class will help kick-start your thoughts to create a plan for your future. How do you envision community as you age? Where are the people you already count on located? What kind of action plan can you create starting in the next three months? Six Months? We will also look at your home now and how it might change as the years go by.

Not Mom Summit 2015: Redefining Feminine Legacy
October 9-10, 2015 | Cleveland, OH
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Marianne Kilkenny will be a panelist at the Not Mom Summit 2015, where she will be a panel presenter on the topic: “Community Living: The Overlooked Option to Living Alone”

About the Summit:
Women’s conferences are nothing new, and they generally target a specific group: professionals, crafters, bloggers, entrepreneurs, or Moms of all kinds. A few might feature a breakout session for women without children.

The NotMom Summit offers the information, conversation and ‘you get me’ moments you’ve longed for, whether you chose a life without children or once hoped for motherhood. Wondering how to create a legacy that lasts? Here’s where you can find some answers.

Asheville Meetup:

Join our Asheville Meetup to learn more about Women for Living in Community.  We generally meet quarterly or sporadically with various presenters and on key topics related to aging in community.  Click here to join the Meetup


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