Welcome to Women Living in Community

There is a trend, a movement really, of people advocating for more housing and living options in their later lives.  

peopleMKblackWomen (men too) are choosing to create and live in community.  To share space, resources and themselves to have the life and companionship they desire.

Do you want to be a part of this?  To learn more? To create your own way of life?

 If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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2. Learn the secrets to building and maintaining community!

3.  Peruse this site to learn more.  There is lots of good stuff here.  Take time to read the blogs, check out our services and watch our videos.  Also . . .we’ve been in the news quite a bit.  Look to the left and click on some of our national coverage on National Public Radio (NPR), AARP, NBC Nightly News and more.

4.  Check out Marianne’s latest resource. . . here finally!

Helping you define how and with whom you want to live out your later years . . .  years filled with companionship and security, infused with a profound sense of home. 

 Chances are, if you are on this website and reading about Women Living in Community, you have entertained the question of living in community.  Or at the very least, have wondered what it’s all about. 

 In this workbook, Marianne Kilkenny has laid out steps for you to take, questions that need answering, and ideas to ponder . . . all to help you define and then create the community you want to live in.  Full of exploratory exercises and powerful content, this workbook is a necessary companion for anyone who is seeking out their happily ever after.


5.  Learn more about how we can help you with coaching and consulting services and packages.

Let me help take you through the 5-Step Process from Dreaming to Realizing!

Again, welcome to Women for Living in Community.  I am so glad you are here.


Women For Living in Community